How to Quit the ‘Gasping Guppy’ and Empower Your Fitness

For years my marathon-running father hosted a 10k race, the No Wimps Run, so named because nobody stood by to offer water on the desert terrain. I felt like an imposter, a wimp at heart, trotting with the tough non-wimps.
I’ve never been good at sports.
Summer softball at age 8, I would sit down and daydream in the outfield. Told my mom, “It’s no fun to bat, they all yell, ‘Diane can’t hit it.'”
She said, “Oh Honey, the other team is trying to rattle you.”
“No, Mom, it’s my own team!”
In P.E. they’d have us run around the whole field several times.  Who wants to do that?
And the less fit you are, the worse it feels.
I mean, how do you feel about exercise?
The word itself turns me off. I’d rather say fitness, invigoration, rejuvenation, empowerment, strength. Yes, I want this.

Experts say 20 minutes of aerobic fitness gives you a mood boost for the next 12 hours.
A rushing bloodstream clears out sludge, opens up vessels, and sharpens the brain. Immediately. Even better than coffee.
We’ve already heard hundreds of health benefits, but sometimes we drag our feet.

Researchers say we tend to focus on the unpleasant beginning moments of exercise. We create a mental hurdle, knowing that in those first moments the body may feel achy, weak, gasping for air.
(Poor little guppy thrown out of our soft lazy environment. We used to be young and strong, didn’t have to bother with this stuff; but now we gotta use it or lose it.)

Yet we all enjoy peak moments of feeling great, energetic, at the middle and the end of our activity. If nothing else, we feel glad we did it, gratified.
The advice is to focus on these exhilarating moments and build them up in our mind.
Like: “Yes! Body is strong! Going further than before! Feeling good! Thank you, arms, legs, core!”
Convince yourself, say the experts.
Try starting the workout with the most enjoyable part. Get your ‘eager’ on.
End exercise on a pleasant note. Enjoy the afterglow.
Studies say the cool-down stretching at the end of a class leaves a pleasant memory that doubles our chance of returning to the next class.
Changing our routine certainly helps.
Find fun new activities.
Look into Foundation Training – your body will thank you!

All I gotta do is get out of my head, get my butt moving, get my good habits working for me.
Revel in those big expansive lungfuls of air — they feel delicious.
Drink in the energy, strength, appreciation for what my body can do.
Be a better partner to my body and say, ‘Okay, let’s revitalize, refresh, renew.’

How do you motivate yourself?
How do you firm up your fitness habits?
How do you tell yourself to keep going?
Can you turn off your head and just do it?
I admire you for building the fitness habit. Share your tips with us.

If you want inspiration, check out my 87-year-old dad, Lyle Langlois,
who has the vitality of a much younger person, thanks to his running, biking, swimming. And now yoga.
In high school he was the waterboy for the football team. He didn’t start a fitness routine until mid life. Then, between age 50 and 70, he ran a marathon in each of the 50 states.
See? There’s Hope.

(Happy Birthday today, Dad! Thanks for the inspiration!)

Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills     (Thanks, Pixabay, for the photo – may we all jump for joy.)
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