I’m trying to make sense of advice given to me by an elevated being. (He would say there is no hierarchy, but I would say he’s darned close to total unconditional love).  This minister naturopath physician traveler philosopher, Dr. Peebles, told me,

“Life is not about what you do.
It’s not about how much you accomplish in a day.
It’s not about what you build (even if you build orphanages, food banks, charities, brand-new political parties).
It’s about how you be.
Your character.
What are you accomplishing within yourself?
Are you able to bask in a sense of love, compassion and caring, and simply employ these when you feel inspired to do so?
You already have the understanding to get through this life with joy.”

I’ve been chewing on his words, hoping to fully digest them. Because my mind doesn’t work that way.  Does yours?  I was brought up to focus on both interior and exterior goals.  My habit-of-mind prods me, asking,
Are you good enough?
Are you nice enough?
Are you important enough?
Are you productive enough?

It’s as if I keep focusing on where I could go in my car.
I map out the next goal, again and again. Draw the next road map.

But, according to this heavenly guy, the underlying purpose of life is not to mess with the road maps.  The destination means nothing.
The point is to be a friendly driver. Let my car hum and enjoy its cushy seats supporting me and others.
Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Can I learn to Be? Just Be, and breathe, and appreciate what’s here in front of my face?
Can I stay mellow and grateful for whatever pops up?
Can I stay humming, with a light heart?
That’s what I’m here for, apparently. Learn how to hum.  Learn How to BEEEEE.
Learn to Appreciate myself as I am.  Appreciate others as they are.
“Increase communication with all of life and with respect,” as my friend Peebles says.

I’m here to love. That’s the bottom-line.

There are seasons for industriousness, buzzing around to build the hive.
But I fall into that busy compulsion.
I tend to not let myself fully relax.
Do you?
How good would it feel to enjoy “what is,” here and now? Give thanks for it.
What do you say?

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(Gratitude for this pic – Relaxation by Meagan at flickr.)

Relaxation by Meagan at flickr

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  1. Leivonen, Denise says:

    Thank you dear sister for this wonderful advice! It is definitely “a keeper” to read again & again. Love you lots, Denise

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