Make a Focus Wheel to Cheer You Up

The mind is a dictator.
Our attention sticks to the difficult, worrisome, dangerous, messy, unfair, uncontrollable, heart-aching, confusing, painful.  Our mind tries to resolve the issue. So we hone in deeper, stiff-necked and determined, without realizing our focus is making us miserable.

It’s a mental habit, and we won’t notice it until we step back from the mind.
Meditation strengthens our Inner Observer (a.k.a. Witness) so we can see what our head is doing.

Thank goodness the mind can go to only one place at a time.

So as we direct our focus, one place at a time, we can glide into joy.

colour wheel maxpixelThis  Focus Wheel Process was given by Abraham-Hicks. A wheel of 12 spokes.
You can use the simple template at the bottom of this page, but first consider:

Choose your topic you’d like to lighten up.
What aspect of life would you improve?
Feel into your desire.
How will it feel when you get there?

For instance, I strained my hamstring. I desired more health. I needed a positive future outlook – such as “I love my healthy body.” I chose this phrase:my health focus wheel center

Write your expansive good-feeling statement in the center of the wheel.

Look at the way your life is now.
Find a positive aspect related to this issue.
Write it in one slice of the wheel.
Continue writing true statements around the wheel.
Jot down the positive aspects you already “own.”
These are things that feel real and true to health focus wheel right side

Each statement should feel accurate, encouraging, juicy, feeling-good, optimistic (but not blind).
Don’t use any statement that feels like a stretch. It must resonate with your truth.

Every line will be encouraging, will lift your vibration a bit more.
You will feel good just looking at this focus wheel.

And you don’t have to fill in the whole thing right now. New statements may take time to blossom.

Have you tried this method before?  Share your thoughts with us?
Re-read your focus wheel each day/evening and add more on the page, as you lighten up. (Use this jpeg image resized large to fill a page.)

focus wheel jpeg

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(Thanks to maxpixel for the colour wheel picture above.)

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