Your Bright Energetic Matrices, at the Speed of Light

Yes we’re talking about an energy Matrix.  A matrix is  a supportive structure or material where things can develop.   Many matrices serve our human body.

Dr. Helene Langevin, neurological science professor at the University of Vermont , determined that our fibroblasts right underneath the skin form a continuous system, extending throughout the skin. So if you touch one small spot of skin,  you’re actually touching all the skin.
Biologists studying bone cells found that all bones are entwined into a continuous system. So when you touch one bone cell, you touch all of them.

These matrices are systems that cover the entire body like that.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Dr. David Knight, both at universities in the UK, looked at the body matrix ‘proton conduction pathways,’ that bring coherence to the body and produce a kind of memory throughout the body.
This body consciousness has awareness, memory, information, and communication.  Intuition and the subconscious may be located here. (I’m grooving on this, as it matches my experience with energy work of all kinds.)
Ho and Knight suggest that this body consciousness adjoins and connects to brain consciousness.
man within matrixTheir studies concluded that meridians are liquid crystalline collagen fibers, forming an information network to orchestrate all the parts of the organism, working with the nervous system or separately.

Imagine, we gather information from our senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. This information from our senses goes into our body matrix and may affect anything in the body.

Scientists Jim Oschman and Maurie Pressman  describe four matrix systems that function faster than neurons. These matrices are embedded in each other and affect each other.  Repair in any one system benefits the neighboring systems.

These four energetic matrices (of many) are

  • The Living Matrix , which is like fabric that goes into every crevice of every part of the body, even inside blood vessels and nerves, inside cells.
  • Biophotons, a form of communication with light, able to travel at the speed of light. (In the 1970s Fritz-Albert Popp began these studies.)
  • Quantum Coherence, the coherence and communication that develops from spinning molecules in the body, including water molecules.
  • Wetware, described by Dennis Bray as the biochemical energetic informational pathways inside cells.

I’m fascinated with all these energy systems.  These matrices!
Often I’ve wondered at the high number of different alternative therapies to enhance our health. They all work!  Gifts from the Universe, I’ve always thought.

Now Science says these therapies work on different systems, yet they bring balance to the whole organism. Work on one matrix, you assist its neighbors too.
This is why resolving emotional issues can heal other issues, including physical impairments.

Sometimes in receiving energy work, I’ve felt the joy of my whole body matrix singing with energy tingles, at a new level of coherence.

How about you?  What’s your perception of your matrix systems?

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