I Feel You, but How to Restore my Good Vibes?

Release bad vibes, restore good vibes.  We need this skill now more than ever.  In this blog’s ten years, the most clicks always goes to Protection from Bad Vibes.
So. Can we talk?
We humans are highly sensitive to each other, more than we realize.  We are empaths.  To varying degrees, we feel and take on each other’s stuff.

Italian neuroscientist Dr. Giacomo Rizzolatti studied the neurons in monkeys’ brains – in particular the neurons that light up when they reach and grasp. Something surprising happened in his experiment. The monkey’s neurons fired when he watched a human reaching and grasping.  The same neurons lit up as when the monkey himself was reaching and grasping.

Rizzolatti then studied human beings.  He found our neurons fire not only when we watch someone perform an action, but also when we watch them having an emotion. The same neurons fire as if we ourselves are feeling that emotion or doing that action.
So we have copycat neurons. We basically merge with the people around us and feel what they are feeling, act what they are acting.  This helps us understand our world.

Rizzolatti says these mirror neurons help us mirror other people. We see their emotions, their actions, and we mirror them.   We truly are experiencing right along with them. I feel you, man!  It’s totally true.
This means my thoughts and feelings are a complex mix of everyone around me.
Mirroring happens not only between individuals but within a social network. Harvard scientists have shown how the people around you impact your state of mind, your mood, and your whole social group.
They say happy people are not selecting happy friends, but they are more likely to have happy friends because of the natural flow of Happiness among people.
This also occurs with negative emotions. Angry people are likely to have angry friends, because the anger vibe is flowing, so to speak. In some circles, fear flows; in others, hope.
Moods and emotions are contagious.  Science recognizes this ripple effect.
Our emotions affect not only us, but everyone in our group.
We’re affecting them, and they’re affecting us.
(Thankfully, one person who stays aligned can uplift many, energetically.)

Would you believe that possibly 98% of what we feel is not ‘our’ stuff?

What do we do with all the dross, the bad vibe stuff?

  • Ask yourself, “What is this? Is it mine, or did it come from someone else?”
    If it isn’t yours, say, “Return to Sender with Consciousness.”
    And let it go. Don’t get caught up in a story about how a particular person is always wiping a bad vibe on you.  No indeedy. Let it go. Move your attention to something else, something beneficial for you.
  • When someone’s bad vibe ‘sticks’ to us, sometimes it’s because we need to work with that emotion. Like, I started my day worried about xyz, and now someone throws me the worry vibe.  Try to see this as a good tip-off, to know what’s up with you.
  • Let’s remind ourselves: e-motion is energy in motion.
    Whether that emotion is sad, angry, happy, it is meant to Flow.  Flow in, flow out of us.  When we resist it and say, “I’m not angry, I’m not angry,” then our very resistance makes it cling to us.  (Believe me, I know this one very well.)
    Rather than digging in our heels and resisting the bad feeling, can we move with the flow of it?
    Can we acknowledge that the grumpy people at the store spread their vibration to me? So before I start my car, I breathe.
    I say, “Here’s a grumpy vibe.  Everybody grumps sometimes.
    Three long deep breaths while feeling the emotion is often enough to allow it to pass through us and be on its way.
  • At the end of the day (or whenever), point your palms to the Earth and send out your excess static energies. Allow all worries and concerns to flow into the Earth to be recycled.bath-lady-pixabay
  • Submerge your body in water. Hot baths with salts or Epsom salts help wash away stagnant energies.

These are but a few of many ways to restore good vibes. As mentioned in Protection from Bad Vibes, we have a long ladder of emotions, and we visit them all.  The best thing is to be skilled in knowing where you are right now on the emotional scale, and to find a better feeling thought.
Look for the silver lining on the cloud.

Move your attention to appreciate something, anything, in view right now.
Appreciation/gratitude is the engine to move you naturally to good vibrations.

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