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An ocean of frequencies flows around us and through us — not only from our WiFi and cell phones, but from the earth itself and from our own being.

In 2002  biophysicist Dr. Beverly Rubik published her biofield hypothesis, backed up by many studies. She found that living things send out and receive subtle energies which contain information and help integrate the organism. She proposes that our biofield regulates the physiology and biochemistry of our body. Our biofield is the bridge between mind and body.

Inside and around the body we have a dynamic “standing wave” or vibration.
The earth’s standing wave, called the Schumann Resonance, bounces between the surface of the earth and the upper atmosphere, at 7.8 Hz. This earth-shine-pixabayfrequency is close to the 8 Hz alpha rhythm of our brain in a meditative state.
This may explain why we feel restored when we take a walk in nature.  😉

Rubik notes that when we shift the biofield, we can change our physiology and move the body-mind to a new healthy level.
There are many styles of energy healing, from sound and light therapies to acupuncture to hands on healing and more, but they all shift the biofield, which improves the health of the body. The biofield impacts all levels, from the genes to the cells to the organs to entire systems, says Rubik, lifting the whole body to a new steady state.  😉

Bigger and “better” technology has brought more EMFs, electromagnetic frequencies, into our daily life. Walking close to high-voltage power lines, we feel a difference in the air. A person may have increased fatigue for a while after buying a hybrid automobile, which emits a lot of EMFs.  All plug-in appliances, electronics, and wireless gadgets produce  EMFs to varying degrees.

Rubik looked at blood samples from healthy human adults before and after they used their  smart phone for 45 minutes.  The blood cells became sticky and clumped together.
With a longer exposure to cell phone radiation, the blood cells became spiky and odd-shaped.  This impaired their ability to carry oxygen.
Her studies showed negative effects in the blood even when carrying an active cell phone near the body for 45 minutes.

Rubik also investigated the effect of mood on the biofield. She photographed the fingertip energy of a person, day to day, as they went through different moods.  Whenever the person was mildly depressed or things were not going well, the light of the energy field shrank and weakened.
kirlian-2-fingertips-wikimediaNow the good news.
Rubik found that one hour after doing yoga, people’s fingertips emitted more perfect circles of light energy and more balance. People who had been steadily practicing yoga for two years or more showed consistently strong and balanced light energy despite mood or exposure to EMFs.
They had already established strong biofield energies, so they were not affected.
Meditation and Qi gong have also produced resilient biofields that resist negative impact from EMFs.  😉

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Hot tips so far:

  • restore yourself with walks outdoors in natural settings
  • use energy work to balance and revive yourself
  • engage in yoga and meditation – and Qi gong

Okay, we don’t want to fear EMFs, because fear itself can cause more disruption.
But to reduce your EMF exposure:

  • Cordless phone bases transmit high EMFs constantly. Keep them 20- 30 ft away from your bed.
  • Avoid using a laptop on your lap. Operate on battery, not while charging it.
  • Reduce the time you spend with your smart phone. Put it on airplane mode often.
  • Look into a radiation-free headset. (Stay at least 6″ away from phone antenna.)
  • When the microwave oven is in use, stay 4 feet away.

What differences do you notice in your energy with any of the above?  Or with yoga, meditation, energy work?

Feel better, get balanced!  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system.  Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills  — now booking in March; less available in April.
(Thanks to pixabay and wikimedia, respectively, for the above photos.)
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