What is that Awesome Light in You?

But of course you are glowing! You knew it!
Biophotons are the subtle visible light in all living things, part of the biofield.
Scientists measure this light using electrophotography (aka Kirlian photography) and/or biophoton imaging, a method of counting light particles.

This light contains information, helps regulate the body, and assists communications inside us and outside us.
(If this doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will ūüôā

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp of Germany was the first to study biophoton kirlian-leaf-wikimediaemission, beginning in the 1970s. He called it electromagnetic bioinformation, which communicates within and between organisms. He saw that this light, these biophotons, were not ordinary light.

This is coherent light, similar to laser light, where all the waves are in phase together. Healthy organisms have coherent light. When we succumb to disease, this light becomes weaker and incoherent, not in phase. Not aligned.

In 2005 Dr. Gary E. Schwartz used biophoton imaging for plants and humans.  He published his results in the Journal of Scientific Exploration.
He found that if a leaf was cut, the cut areas glowed more than the rest of the leaf. He wondered if more energy was generated in an attempt to repair the leaf.

In another experiment he cut sections of string beans and placed them in pairs. So their cut ends faced each other within a few millimeters, each pair increasingly wider apart.  (My portrayal of the setup is below, without benefit of biophoton camera.)
cut pairs string beansBiophoton imaging showed light reaching from each cut edge toward its partner bean. A stronger interaction of light developed for the beans placed closest together.  Extra light did not arise for the cut edges that were not facing another bean. Thus the light was a kind of communication.
This result agreed with what Fritz Popp and other scientists had found:   that living systems communicate and interact using biophoton light.

Schwartz did more experiments with slices of zucchini and leaves. This also showed light arising between the organisms, as if they wanted to pull toward each other.

Schwartz looked at biophotons in the hands of healers. He asked each healer to sit in a chamber, where he checked the biophoton image of their hands at rest, as a control condition. Then he asked the healer to send distance healing to someone outside the chamber. When they “ran energy,” Schwartz found increased brightness, more biophotons, arose from their hands.
Dr. Schwartz concludes that biophoton imaging provides a bridge between biophysics, biochemistry, cellular biology and healing.

Now here’s the final amazing piece I gotta share.
Scientist Eugene R. Wallace demonstrated that the amount of light coming from our hands naturally increases when we think about using our hands to comfort a sick friend. So light increases by intention. This light in our hands naturally increases by 100 to 1000 times more light!
Not only that ūüėČ During meditation, light can increase that much from both the crown of our heads and the palms of our hands.
girl-w-stars-pixabay¬†Do you get a sensation at the top of your head sometimes when you’re meditating? Isn’t it cool? It’s light! Like I say, you are glowing! Tell us, what do you think of this awesome light in you?


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