5 Surprising Energy Healing Studies You Need to Know

Whaddaya think of this biofield energy inside and outside your body?
Have you felt the invisible energy in your hands?  Or seen it?
If you think it’s cool but you’d rather not say, ‘cuz people might think you’re crazy – you are not alone.
I mean, it’s invisible, right?  Right.  Like, uh, microwaves, radio waves, the emanations from your cell phone that go through walls, across town, to the next continent . . .

Invisible, but science can measure this healing energy.
That’s interesting.
But don’t you have to believe in it, for it to work?
Well.  It works on bacteria, plants and rodents, no matter what they believe.

In the early 2000’s biophysicist Dr. Beverly Rubik PhD asked Reiki Masters to run energy from their hands to damaged bacterial cultures. These cultures had been shocked with heat so they would not grow. The Reiki Masters sent energy to these cultures for 15 minutes.  Meanwhile, regular people with no intention to heal placed their hands over a control group of damaged bacterial cultures.
The cultures that received bioenergy grew more.
This objective evidence also suggests that energy healing works without belief or cooperation, since these were bacterial organisms.

In 2004 at the University of Arizona Dr. Gary E. Schwartz PhD and Dr. Katherine Creath measured the effects of physical energies (such as noise/music) and biophysical energy (healers’ hands) on the vitality in a living system.
They chose to work with the germination of seeds.  (It’s easy to collect a lot of subjects/seeds in a short time without committees or waivers.)
They placed trays of seeds inside small chambers, each with a speaker underneath to play music, white noise, or nothing.  The seeds sprouted sooner with music.  Using the same setup, they had healers send energy to trays of seeds.  Again they sprouted sooner than the control group.
Their conclusions: both music and energy healing increase the germination of seeds.
This was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

lab-rat-pixabayIn another study, Schwartz and his team looked at the effect of energy healing on rats.  One of his colleagues, Ann Baldwin PhD, had been concerned that lab rats around the country suffered from stress-induced microvascular leakage in their intestines.  (Do I hear stress-induced leaky gut?)
Labs tend to have unpredictable loud noises which stress out the rats.
Baldwin found that rats raised in quiet labs had little to no microvascular leakage.

So they brought in the stressed rats to find out if Reiki energy healing might reduce the microvascular leakage.
For the control group they planned “Sham Reiki” (fake/mock Reiki), provided by undergrad students who had no training and no intention for energy healing.
The rat cages were divided into those that received Reiki healing from practitioners, and those that were given “Sham Reiki” by the hired students (who mimicked the Reiki hand positions).
It turned out the Reiki group had a greater than 50% reduction in microvascular leaks.
“Sham Reiki” had almost no effect on the control group.
(The margin for error in this study was one in one million.)
A sidelight of this study was to see how the experience affected the practitioners.  Each day after treating the rats, a measurable sense of wellbeing increased for Reiki practitioners, while “Sham Reiki” givers reported no change in their mood or energy.

In 2006 Dr. Schwartz wondered if he could measure an increase in magnetic fields when healers’ hands were sending energy.
He measured their hands’ amplitude with a low-frequency magnetic field meter.
He found that when they were asked to run energy, both Reiki practitioners and Master Healers showed a reliable increase in the magnetic fields of their hands. Master Healers showed greater effects than Reiki practitioners.
Schwartz published his results at a conference in Tucson.

Also fascinating was the study Schwartz did with Lynne McTaggart on distance healing. They looked at distant group intention on the growth of seedlings. They had 240 seeds divided into eight sets. Some were intention targets and some were not. Healing Touch practitioners sent distance healing to the intention targets.
In six experiments, distant group intention correlated with increased growth of barley seeds. This was repeatable and not scientifically explainable.

This distance healing effect involves the quantum field, says Dr. Schwartz, because it’s physically out of range of the electromagnetism of the healers’ biofield.

Although mechanistic and chemical (pharmaceutical) approaches to healing  are still valued in our age, I have to wonder if they may become outdated.
As Dr. Mehmet Oz says, “The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.”

So.  What do you think??


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