6 Ways to Stop Grumping and Feel Good

6 ways besides beer, wine, cheese, weed, whiskey, chocolate . . .
I don’t want to stay grumpy. It’s not worth it.
My outlook affects my outside experience. The world reflects my own “grump” back to me.
We know this, but sometimes it’s hard to shift our attention.
Energy follows attention.
Our attention fuels, feeds and strengthens whatever it beholds.
We do have the choice of where to look, where to put our attention.

So. You need to adjust your tone first.  All else will flow from this.
How to adjust your tone?
Here’s a smorgasbord, choose your picks:

  • Breathe deep into your belly. Let your belly expand with every breath.  Just doing this will shift your energy and increase relaxation hormones.
  • Close your eyes: where do you feel the emotional upset in your body? Allow sensation to arise.  Breathe deeply into the sensation and use the Hawaiian ho’oponopono prayer:  “I love you.  I’m sorry. Please forgive me.  Thank you.”
    (Learn more about this method of speaking to your body, your soul, the world, the  universe . . .)
  • Name the bad feeling out loud. Sadness, anger, upset, overwhelm, frustration, etc.  Breathe deeply and repeat it:  “anger -anger-anger-anger.”  The repetition dissipates the emotional charge.  Acknowledge it and allow it to flow through without smacking anybody.  (Just a quick fix.  After calming you may need to express these feelings to the appropriate people in your life.)
  • Sing out loud – sing the blues. This is your own music therapy.  It works on so many levels:  vibrationally, physically, with your throat, your voice, your lungs, your heart, and the neural pathways of your brain.
  • Write a quick gratitude list every day.  What is going well?  Or what have you enjoyed in the past?  Browse the list at bedtime to set your tone for the night and wake up in a better state of mind.
  • Meditate 5 minutes daily with a method you like.

All is for the good. The good of learning, growing, balancing.

Want to feel better?  Melt stress away?  Dissolve the blocks that hinder you in health, love, abundance?  Diane Stallings RN will repair and strengthen your energy system.  She gives you practical ways to enhance your own energy.
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(Gratitude to Nick Kenrick for this garden photo.)


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