How to Feel Your Invisible Energy in 2 minutes

So how about this invisible electromagnetism that infuses and encircles all living things including you?
As early as the 1970s scientists discovered electric fields (biofields) on the cellular level.
They learned electromagnetism directly affects nerve growth and function, cell division, hormone regulation, cellular differentiation and morphogenesis (development of shape).

They also determined that cells communicate through electromagnetism.

Although we may not see it, nearly all of us can feel this electromagnetism, this life force energy, in our hands.
Scientist Gary E. Schwartz, PhD (professor of medicine, neurology, psychology, psychiatry and surgery at the University of Arizona) has done studies on the energies in our hands.

Schwartz found that TV satellite dishes outdoors, connected to a meter device, can detect the human hand a thousand feet from the dish.
Using the same technology (minus the dish) indoors, he measured 12 gigahertz signals from the human hand.
The scientific conclusion is that humans emit 12 gigahertz frequencies of energies.
kirlian_hand-wikimediaLater experiments indicated Master Healers send out more energy from their hands than those who have not yet developed the skill.

So – you want to feel the energy in your hands?
I’ve observed most people can do this in about 2 minutes.

First read without doing it yet:
Sit comfortably.  Relax.  Let your body go loose and limp, with no expectations, no work, no effort.  Breathe deeply into your belly.  You may close your eyes (which helps center your attention).  Let your belly expand as you breathe.
Ground yourself to the Earth:  imagine many strong roots growing from your feet and your seat into the ground, a mile deep and wide.  Breathe deeply.   Be heavy  in your chair.  Be attached to, and grateful for, this Earth.
In being Grounded, you become fully Present to this moment.

Gently rub your palms together.  Then hold them about 12 inches apart.  Slowly bring your palms closer together, little by little.  Sense whatever you sense there.  Do not let your palms touch each other.  Bring them apart and closer again, to feel what you feel.

Now Stop Reading.  Take 2 minutes to try it out.

What do you feel? Is it warm?  Tingly?  Perhaps only a slight pressure, like pushing on a balloon?  Does it feel spongy?   Magnetic?  Does it feel like a couple of magnets pushing each other apart?
It doesn’t matter what you sense.  Or not. This is only a game, an exploration.
The more often you try this, the more you will sense it.

Not all knowledge comes through the brain and the books.  hand-w-light-borders-pixabaySometimes the body senses things.  What do you think?  Give us your opinion.

Bonus:  while in this relaxed grounded state, look down on your hand with fingers spread apart.  (A dark background helps.)
See whatever you may see in the air bordering your fingers. You might gently move your hand side-to-side, watching the space between the fingers.

Again, no expectations.  We’re only playing. This mindset is as important as anything.  We are like kindergarteners, exploring something brand new.
Many of us see a layer of translucent air next to the skin.  Like a mild haze.
What do you see?

The more we use these subtle energies, the stronger they become.  This happens naturally for those who use energy work.  They become a stronger pipeline of energy.
And so can you.

Want to feel better?  Melt stress away?  Dissolve the blocks that hinder you in health, love, abundance?  Chances are you’ve not yet fully tapped into your Biofield Energy.  When you do, you will thrive.
You are a soul, not a body.  You are limitless.

Diane Stallings RN does distance healing, EFT tapping, and/or Biofield Tuning on the phone, energy healing sessions, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching. She gives you practical ways to lift your wellbeing. Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or on the phone anywhere.


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