Have You Discovered Your Remarkable Biofield?

If you didn’t know before: you have an energy body, a Biofield.  Biofield is the term scientists use today for the electromagnetic system filling and surrounding our bodies with energy and light (biophotons).

Yup.  In the coming weeks I’ll tell you about their studies.  These things are measurable:  the envelope around you known as your aura, the streams of energy running through you known as meridians, the vortices /energy-processors known as chakras.

Also measurable are:  the effect healers have, up close and at a distance.  The amount of energy coming from healers’ hands compared to people who have not developed the skill.  The resolution of mental, emotional and physical problems when regular people learn to use their own fingertips on their own meridians.

Interesting, no?
Who would have guessed that we have more than our physical body?  We have an energy body.  Our biofield interfaces with our mind, emotions, and our flesh.

We already know the mind and emotions play strong roles in health.
But did you know, an experienced healer can sense the disturbances in your energy body before they affect your physical body, and can repair those disturbances?

For instance, when I scan your biofield, it may feel dim in places, blocked, torn, too hot or cold, knotted up, confused, chaotic.   Your Energy System itself tells me where it wants to be repaired.
Sometimes the blockages relate directly to old traumas, worn-out beliefs, unresolved issues.

It’s like your field is trying to tell you what is up with you.  If you don’t listen, the trouble may bore deeper.  It can affect the physical body.  Then your body tries to tell you what’s up:
I can’t digest this in my life.         . . . I’m galled (angered) by xyz.
That gives me a heartache every time I think about it.
I just cannot be flexible for that person.        . . . So-and-so is a pain in the neck.
In many ways the problems in our body are messages for our learning, our development, our soul growth.  (Yes, I’m stepping outside the scientific box at the moment.  But my decades as a hospital nurse and as a healer bring me to these conclusions.)

By repairing these issues energetically, you get a fresh start.  You get to release old stuff, and it feels good.  Even something bothersome your whole-life-long can be released in a session.
You get your life back.  You get balance, happiness, health.
Your body knows how to heal itself — but sometimes it likes a boost.

Of course, rather than being proactive as mentioned above, some people come to me  when everything else has failed.  Then we are often delighted to see how repairing their biofield eases their pain, gives them new strength.  Because another cool thing about this electromagnetism is its immediacy.  It works fast.  It is light and energy, after all.  How fast does light travel?

Who knows how long it will take for us humans to fully accept and use this biofield of ours?  Skepticism is natural.  After all, the discovery of electricity way-back-when was a shock 😉  Many people did not believe in it for quite some time.

Tell us, what is your experience?  What is your take on this?

Check out the fingertip in the Kirlian photo below (thanks to wikimedia).
My next post will be How to Feel your Life Force Energy in 2 minutes.
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Want to feel better?  Melt stress away?  Dissolve the blocks that hinder you in health, love, abundance?  Chances are you’ve not yet fully tapped into your Biofield Energy.  When you do, you will thrive.  Diane Stallings RN will repair, align and strengthen your energy system.  She gives you practical ways to enhance and balance your own energy.
You are a soul, not a body.  You are limitless.
Make an appointment in Phoenix or Fountain Hills.          — Diane at Joystream Health


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