Not the Pushback

Sometimes we’ve got our face in the frying pan.
We attach firmly to the-way-I-want-it, and others should want it too.
We cling to our own judgments.
The liberals hate the conservatives.
The conservatives hate the liberals.
Even in families, we hold undercurrents of resistance and judgment against each other.

Is this any fun?
The proud ego thinks it’s fun. The proud ego sharpens its teeth.
Chomp, chomp.  I put you in your place (in my own head if not to your face).
Feels good. Give me something crunchy.  Chomp.

Underneath the aggression, I’m really chomping on myself.  On the parts of me I don’t like. The parts I pretend I don’t have. Subconscious inner battles: I wage them on the outside by mentally picking fights with people.

Could this be our main source of stress?
Could this be making us sick and old before our time?
Could this be wounding the earth and everybody on it?

Then again, we’re human, with human tools.
Comparison and judgment is our bread-and-butter.
We need these habits:  I like this; I don’t like that.
Our preferences bring flavor to our life.
What if we held our preferences loosely?
What if we relaxed our tight grasp on our “rightness”?
What if we lightened up?

Maybe we’d recognize there’s a value and a point to everyone . . .
and we would allow others their own journey . . .
even appreciate the suchness of them as they are – of me as I am.

It’s a tall order. I know it is.
But it can heal the planet.  Love.
When push comes to shove inside me, I’ve been singing this Sufi chant.
It opens my heart and loosens my fist.

The ocean refuses no river.
The open heart
refuses no part
of me,
no part of you.      — Sufi traditional

hear  Ocean by Mirabai Ceiba 
Welcome to the Shift
How do I love me?

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Diane Stallings RN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Healing Touch, Enneagram Coach, EFT tapping, Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach
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