Hold the Ice

Hold the Ice – Let’s not be cold to each other, I could say, in this climate of disharmony.  But this post is a practical vote for health:

I enjoy drinking room-temperature water.  It’s my favorite.  Why?
Not only does it hydrate well, and go gently into the body, but if I pour ice water into myself, the digestive tissues and blood vessels shrink up tight.  (Like our skin would do, when a prankster slips ice down our back, right?)

Imagine your warm belly receiving ice cold water while it is trying to open up channels and digest foods, secrete enzymes, liquefy fats. A lot of this won’t function as well when we throw a cold drink in there.
Studies have shown that cold drinks at mealtime impair digestion.  (Impair it a little or a lot, depending on the body’s condition.  And maybe you like cold drinks.  Don’t let me stop you.)

Chinese medicine says our spleen needs warmth to help it digest foods and support the immune system.
Many of us are deficient in the spleen meridian, which gets depleted under stress.  And a weak spleen may contribute to poor immunity.

Cold drinks also have been known to touch off asthma.
In some cases, a cold beverage can spark a real headache (not just brain freeze).

Room temperature or warm water enhances digestion and elimination.  (More about that sometime, or Google “hot water with lemon.”)
(Also:  if you have acid reflux GERD, you may feel better by avoiding liquids at meals.)

Water itself is my choice because there’s nothing better to transport all those nutrients, hormones, and natural juices throughout the body.
Water is the universal solvent.
Water is best for good hydration.  Even better with a little high-trace-mineral Celtic sea salt in it.

So, hold the ice.  If you want . . .



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