Inhale Light anyhow

Chaos as usual, on this human holiday.  Today on the planet we have happy people and sad people. We have people in shock. We have angry people. Envious people. Grieving people. Stunned people. Hopeful people. Some must be dancing the day away.

Some say, hooray, finally a change.
Some say, oh shit, we’re doomed.
Whether they won or lost, almost everybody feels they are right.

Is this different from any day on the planet?
Lots of emotion, energy in motion, coming and going.

We feel ramped up with all the pressure of this political race.
All the shame and tension of tolerating public figures who have no integrity.
All the televised in-your-face ugly bids for power.
Or should I say, bids to handle the reins of force.

Political power is force.
It is an old style power.
It is a twist-my-arm force from an outside authority.
Okay, yes, I know politicians make laws and repeal laws which affect our exterior life.

Life itself is an inside job for each of us.
Despite any exterior conditions, we can find our own sense of gratitude for life as it is.
We can find appreciation for ourselves.
We can find our way up a ladder of vibration that rises from:

Fear and anxiety
to desire for Release
to Gratitude, counting our blessings,
to Hope
to Courage.

With courage, real inner power begins to fill us, as it always will, on this human roller coaster of consciousness. Courage is not a forceful power over others, but a natural empowerment glowing within us.
For we have charge of it.
We have charge of where to place our attention.
We have charge of our own gratitude and appreciation. Right where we are.

Name one of your blessings.  And another.
Feel it. Inhale it.
Feel the expansion of your inner light, balance, love.
Give this gift of love to yourself.
Then allow it to overflow to others.
The world needs your light now.
The world needs your courage, not your fear.
The world needs You, at your best.
Thank you.
Grounded Presence helps.
Spacious Meditation helps.


image courtesy of Flickr


About Diane Langlois Stallings

Diane Stallings RN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Healing Touch, Enneagram Coach, EFT tapping, Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach
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