Spirit Moments

Last week the fairies of the universe needed me again, as I’m sure they often need you. Ducking the intermittent rain, I ran into the healthy grocery store, looking for Brazil nuts. Thought this would be a 30-second stop.

I could not find the nuts in the nut rack. Canvassed the whole area. Started reading the signs.
How could they run out of something this important?
I scanned every bag from the top shelf to the bottom. I went over to the end cap.
Had they put them somewhere else, not on this nut rack?

I asked my ethereal guides to help me, as I often do.  ‘Find the Brazil’s, folks. Point them out to me. They’ve got to be here somewhere.’

Dozens of nuts, but not mine?
Again I looked at the signage, affirming it was alphabetical. It seemed to be.
I couldn’t believe how much time I was spending in front of this rack of nuts without finding what I wanted.
Finally my eyes fell on a tiny little spot on the very bottom, labeled Raw Brazil – maybe in alphabetical order, R?  Or not.  Goofy stuff.

I hurried to the checkout stand.
They were just changing cashiers.
The one coming on looked sad and grumpy.
I always feel it’s my job to cheer them up, so I gave her a bright “Good Morning.”
She warmed to me and told me to brace myself for the irritating sound of the credit card machine.
I grinned and said, “I bet that’s hard to listen to all day long.”
She smiled, shrugged, said, “I don’t let it bother me.”
“Well, have a good day.”

Back in my car I wondered if the whole reason I stood so long in front of that big rack of assorted nuts was because I needed to cheer up that lady when she started her shift. Because she would be facing so many people and so many credit cards.

How often do we think today is about “my agenda,” when really the point is something we almost didn’t notice?
I’ll bet you run into moments like these.  I’d love to hear your story.  Reply below?

And check out the spirit woman photo my friend Diane Williams snapped last week.


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