Oy, Politics

Politics!  Yuck!  Aren’t we feeling it?
I’ve never seen such a disappointing circus.
My hand felt almost numb as I marked my mail-in ballot.
Despite the situation, I hope we all vote. We don’t want to lose our voice.  Such as it is.

Then again, maybe we’re beginning to realize how entranced we are with whatever the media gives us. How entranced we are with people running for office. How entranced we are with the illusion of powerful politicians.

Because after all, here in the U.S., we have a system of checks and balances.
Every move on the game-board must go through plenty of red tape.  That means nobody can run the ball very fast in any direction. Thank you, Founding Fathers.

We the people —
we the people are what life is about anyhow.
We the people are still here in our own small circles of influence.

We’re doing a good job, overall, yes?
How about you, your family, your friends?
We have billions of kind and caring people here.
We will survive.  Without bickering.  (And without bickering on TV.)
We’re going to be fine.

Sure, we’re disillusioned politics-animalswith our politicians and our businessmen-wannabe-politicians. Politicians are practically made of disillusionment, aren’t they?  Most of them, anyhow.

Maybe the real illusion is that we think they can save the day.
Can they?

Isn’t it up to us to save our own day?
Isn’t it up to us to adjust our own attitudes?
Isn’t it up to us to align and re-align ourselves
in our ever-evolving progress from narrow view to broad view?

We never lost our own power, and we never will.

Go local with love.

                                                          (image source:   illustration by Zabou, 2012)





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