Slipping, Re-Balancing

Whoops, I slipped.
Darned if I didn’t act like a scruffy kid on the playground. I took an emotional hit and responded with a tantrum. It shocked the contemplative part of me.
“Yes, my dear (I tell myself), kindergarten is still your go-to. Embrace your kindergartner.”

We live in challenging times. We always have.
Is it just my imagination that more strife is coming to the surface now to be cleared?
Is it just my imagination that each of us is challenged to keep our balance?
Is it just my imagination that no matter how bleak it looks, we’re on a road toward harmony?

Scientists of Consciousness like Dan Siegel tell us the way to Health is integration and inclusion. Integrating all parts of ourselves. Embracing the scruffy, messy parts as well as the smooth super-cool parts. When we can do this, we become resilient, healthy, harmonious.

Same thing goes for our communities. When we allow and make space for every person in our community no matter their status or where they come from, this is harmony.
This is integration. This is health.
What would it be like if we could allow everyone to be who they are, with mutual respect?

When we push against anybody, we push against ourselves.
For we really are One.
Tearing each other up is never going to work for us, although it’s been our habit for eons.

We’ve been sitting in fear too long.
Fear separates us.
Fear isolates us.
Fear shatters us. It always has.
Know that fear is a waste of time. We don’t have to linger In it.
See it, name it what it is, and stand in your courage.

At this point in history, thanks to our electronic connection, many of us have friends all over the planet. We have a sense of family all over the planet. We have an emotional investment all over the planet.
How cool is that? Boundaries are melting away.
We are beginning to know we are One.
All the flotsam and jetsam. It’s okay. We are One.
(Including misguided troublemakers, body-killers, and wacky politicians. God bless them all.)

Yes things are crazy.
They are bound to get crazier.
To ride the waves of craziness, we need to be well-centered and grounded.
We need a strong connection to our Source.
We need trust in the Universe.
We need to stand in Love.  Courage.  (Which means Heart.)

Everything is in right order.
We are supported.
We are learning as we go.
Although I slip and fly off the wheel, I climb on again.
Connect. Join the kids. Snot nosed or not.
It’s a ride.
It’s the only merry-go-round in town.

About Diane Langlois Stallings

Diane Stallings RN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Healing Touch, Enneagram Coach, EFT tapping, Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach
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  1. Dear sister Diane – What a wonderful piece this is! You covered it all so beautifully. Your wisdom and words hit the marks. Love you so very much! Denise


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