Biofield: Healing the “Incurable”

What is that?  I felt a push-pull in the empty air between my belly and my energy healer’s hands, my first time on her table.
Just like my new client felt yesterday when my hands scanned her field.
“It’s like magnets pushing apart,” she said.

What is that?  How is it possible my belly can feel this invisible thickness, this unseen force in the air, correlating with the motion of the healer’s hand?

“What is that?” People ask when we have them close their eyes and bring their palms close together without touching, now farther apart, now closer together. Something is going on. They feel it. It’s invisible. rainbow-wisp-energy-hand

What is that?
Yes indeed, this is the question that excites me, the question that stimulates  many through the ages, the question science has been trying to answer since 1530 and skeptics have ridiculed and rebuked.

What I did not know, until last week, was that Hippocrates himself felt energies in his hands and used them for healing. (You know, the father of Western Medicine, the Hippocratic oath, “first do no harm,” Ancient Greece?)

Certainly ancient cultures and indigenous peoples felt and knew about this universal healing energy.  Most have names for it. Many put representations of it in their drawings, on figurines or kachinas.

So.  My energy healer changed what I thought I knew about health.  I was a hospital nurse, for decades.  Then, this.  Magnetic, tingly, hot, cool stuff.  Through the years I’ve witnessed amazing physical and emotional healings from energy work.

Not that energy work is the answer to everything.
Not that we should throw out conventional medicine.

Did you know?  A professor named Bengston cured cancer starting in 1975.   With his hands, on real people, mostly the fast growing cancers that hit the young or middle-aged.
He also ran healing energy on mice injected with rapid incurable mammary cancer.  They kicked the cancer and became immune to it. Their blood and/or tissues conferred healing and immunity on end-stage cancerous mice.
Beginning with the second of his many experiments, he didn’t even touch the mice himself but taught a few skeptical students how to use his hands-on method.  And they did.  And it worked.  Again and again.
14 experiments conducted at 6 universities in the past 30 years.

These weren’t healers.  They were skeptics.  With hands.
With natural, innate, universal energy.
Bengston himself is a diehard skeptic and couldn’t believe it was happening.

Apparently nobody else can believe it either, because it has made no impact on the society of Oncology, Pharmaceuticals, debilitating chemotherapy and radiation.
What’s up with that?

Don’t we wonder?

Some scientists are investigating the Biofield, which is the measurable energy running through our bodies and surrounding us.  Also known as the energy body:  composed of aura, chakras, meridians, and more.

For many of us who have experienced it, when this Biofield is misaligned, trouble shows up in the physical body.  When this Biofield is repaired, physical and emotional healings tend to occur.

This week I felt compelled to make a timeline of historical notes about biofield energy. Feel free to share.


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