Boundaries?  What Boundaries?

“She barges in and walks all over people,” says a voice overheard in the restroom.

Well. They can’t be talking about me.
I don’t do that, do I.  No Ma’am.
Not me. Thank goodness I respect people.
It’s only right. I mean, I do everything right.
I encourage others to do things right.
I’m improving the world.
I’m glad I don’t hesitate to tell people the Right Way.
How else will they know? It’s up to me to tell them.
Because I know.
I see the errors.
I need to correct them.
I make things better wherever I go.
I make things good, safe.
I’m helping.
Gawdammit, why don’t they do what I say?

Steaming, I stroll back down the hall, deaf to the diaphanous whisper in my ear:  “Look. There’s my business, others’ business, and God’s business.* Watch where you step, hey? (*Byron Katie)

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