Sharpen Your Brain

Like a pencil, right?  Remember the old crank sharpeners on the back wall of the classroom?  You can come play with one in my office – –
Okay, back to the point 😉
Do you ever lapse into a blank, like I do?
For a meditator this feels nice.  Like: I did it!  Blank brain!

Only I’m wide-awake, handling my day, when my mind fizzles.
The word I want hides like a slippery fish in the sea of my head.
And where did I put that thing?  You know,  the thing  —  I’m too busy to name it.
Or:  I’ve got a funny story for you, if only I could remember the punch line . . .

The Brain Needs:

  • Water – the brain is 80% water.  So watery, it’s like almost-formed jello.  When we are just 2% dehydrated we can’t think as well.   (Watercure with high mineral celtic sea salt gives the best hydration.)
  • Fat, as in good fat: omega-3’s, wild salmon, eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados. Our brain is 60% fat.  It languishes with a super low-fat diet.
  • Healthy food glucose and minerals, both found in a balanced food habit. The brain does not want refined carbs, sugar, high fructose corn syrup — all of which lead to the sugar blues, a roller coaster of flying and crashing.sleeping budda
  • Sleep and Relaxation. Many of us get foggy when we’re short on sleep or stressed. Stress is a huge issue with tons of repercussions.  
    , even a minute a day, can shift our awareness into more relaxation all day long.
  • Exercise — Your head loves it when you pump up the flow of oxygen and blood nutrients into your brain.

The brain might suffer from:

  • Food allergies — sensitivities to things like wheat, corn, soy, dairy, peanuts, and more. These are subtle allergies, impacting not only the brain but the whole body.
  • Food additives like MSG, aspartame, sucralose, and more.
  • Vitamin deficiencies such as B-12 and others.
  • Toxins and chemicals at home or work. Try PABA-free healthy soaps and shampoos, and natural cleaning products in your home.
  • Chronic conditions such as thyroid disease (low or high), lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, liver disease, and more have been linked to brain fog.
  • Medications such as anti-cholesterol statins (remember the brain needs fat).  And anti-cholinergics (which block brain activity) found in Tylenol p.m., Pepcid AC, Benadryl, and more.  (See also Statins info.)

Soo after you clear this stuff the brain doesn’t like, and give it the water, good fats, foods, sleep and exercise it needs, you might want to enjoy:
Brain Games
Being over 50, and having whacked my head in a bicycle accident, I like to play brain games.  Many are offered online for free, although you could go whole-hog and pay for a full program.

my lumosity dashboard picI have been using Lumosity for free.  (FUN, above.)  Three games a day, which takes me about 15 minutes. Each day’s offerings are varied, from the same batch of recurring games. (My current favorite is “Pet Detective” shown on the far right of this pic.)
Even with the free version, I get my current ratings in speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem-solving.  I see a graph of my improvement over the past four weeks.  I cheer aloud every time I get a personal best.   Minuscule steps, but it grows 🙂

A couple more Game-pages of many:

For an in-depth article on brain fog, including more details on food issues, toxins,  health conditions, and helpful supplements, you might like Brain Fog at

So, Stay Sharp!
If you want.
Or if you like blank-mind and the vast Sea of Oneness, that’s cool too.

Please feel free to share any thoughts or tips you might have for us.

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