Stand in the Love

I wrote a guided meditation my groups enjoyed recently (sit, relax, no need to stand):

Scientists and Philosophers agree that all the world is vibration.
Not only the vibration of molecules, but the vibrational tone of your mood.
You have an inherent radio dial to visit any station you want.  Any vibration , any mood you want.
Often that radio dial slips from our grasp and we find ourselves tuned in to a low vibration unconsciously.
For instance, when we watch the news, we may unconsciously go to sadness, anger, despair. But let’s not go there.

Go to a time you can remember as a child when someone fully accepted you and enjoyed you, Just the Way You Are.  They understood you, valued you.
Feel those memories.  What was it like?
Sit with them, be close.  Feel their love for you.
Bask in this love.  Just receive it.  Take your time.
If it’s appropriate, give them a hug.
Say Thank you.

Go to a place in nature you have deeply enjoyed.  Beautiful place, beautiful temperature.
Perhaps it’s a dramatically powerful place, inspiring in some way.
Or perhaps it’s as close as your own backyard , a place that seems ordinary but you appreciate it in a brand new way.
Feel the way the Earth holds you as if in the palm of its hand.  Feel the breeze caress your face .  Feel the quality of the air in this place,  the fragrances  that  bless you .   The sounds.  The wallpaper
Feel the love in this place.  Soak it up.
Say Thank You.

See yourself in the mirror.  You’re a beautiful spirit.
Appreciate who you are now and how far you have come.
Count your blessings.  Take your time.

Count your strengths. You have learned so much .  You have developed your character  so well.  You have come  so far . Every moment contributes to your learning.  Give yourself  credit  for all the ways  in which your presence  blesses those around you.

Or simply enjoy  the fact  that your very existence is divinely ordained and meant to be.
No matter what you have done or what you have not done.
You’re in the right place.  Always.

Abraham Herschel said,
“Just to be is a blessing.
Just To Live is Holy.”

Look at yourself in this mirror with love. You are a beautiful spirit.
Feel the love you have for yourself.
Thank yourself for being you.

Use your imagination to hug your Source and yourself, like a group hug.
Thank you.


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