What is a Chakra, anyhow?

Giant books have been written on this topic, but here are some Cliff notes on chakras ūüôā
The word chakra means wheel or vortex.
A chakra is a swirling energy station, like a wheel of energy.
Each chakra reaches out horizontally to take in and give out its particular form of energy. For instance, a healthy heart chakra is able to receive love and to give love.
(Wow.  Can we do that? Many of us find it difficult to fully receive.)

The Chakra System was discovered independently by many cultures around the world, and used for many thousands of years.  The subtle energy of chakras can be felt, and now can be scientifically proven.

We have seven major chakras in our body.  They are counted from the tailbone up.

1 – root chakra at the base of the spine relates to survival, life force
2 – sacral or womb chakra in the low belly relates to creativity
3 – belly or solar plexus chakra relates to power
4 – heart chakra relates to love
5 – throat chakra relates to expression
6 – vision or third eye chakra at the forehead relates to insight and awareness
7 – crown chakra at the top of the head relates to unity with the divine

Chakra SuiteThis picture is one of many examples of music to help balance the chakras.

As you might expect, each chakra feeds energy to the nearby organs of the body. ¬†Third chakra tells us how well we digest things – physically, mentally, spiritually. ¬†If we’re not processing, we may develop issues with our belly. ¬†For another example, consider how my¬†ability to give and receive love might eventually affect my physical heart.

Chakras are impacted and often injured by the emotionally significant events in our life.
By clearing old wounds from your chakras, you can improve your life force, or creativity, personal power, love and compassion, or expressiveness, insight.

Here’s a pithy list of the goal and the challenge for each chakra:

1   survival / fear
2   pleasure / guilt
3   willpower / shame
4   love / grief
5   truth / lies                     (and the lies we tell ourselves)
6   insight / illusion         (our greatest illusion is separation)
7   cosmic divine energy / earthly attachment

Each of us works with our own challenges on these themes, as life unfolds.

These notes barely scratch the surface of the chakra topic.
Receiving repair work on your chakras can often feel profound, and may open life in new ways.
If you’d like to investigate the health of your chakras,
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