What is Energy Medicine?

“The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz, director of the Cardiovascular Institute at Columbia University, nearly a decade ago (2007).
Energy-healing.  You’ve heard of it?
Energy medicine is new to many people.

In this age we have redefined ourselves as not just a body but body-mind-spirit.
We don’t have just five senses; we have other perceptions.
We don’t speculate anymore that our thoughts, emotions, and intentions do affect our lives and our health.

Each of us humans (and animals too) have an energy system, composed of
– an aura envelope of energy around us,
– meridian streams of energy flowing through our body, and
– spiritual power centers called chakras, positioned in a line from our tailbone to the top of our head.
(Even more energy structures exist, but these are the ones commonly treated.)

Components of the energy system are scientifically measurable.   Meridian points have a different electrical resistance than the surrounding skin.  The distinct frequencies of the chakras have been proven.
And let’s remember, Chinese medicine has worked with the meridians for thousands of years, using Acupuncture.

Your body already understands energy and uses it naturally in every cell, in every internal signal and interaction.  Subtle energy affects not only your body, immune system, and fog_silhouette_family chakrasevery organ, but also your emotional patterns and moods.

Energy likes to stay in motion.   When energy is blocked, deficient or excessive, your physical, mental, emotional health are disrupted.

As we repair the energy system, circulation opens up.  The cells, tissues, organs feel more alive.  The body, mind and soul are nourished.   Emotional knots unravel, burdens are lifted.
You feel more vibrant and happy.

With energy medicine you can optimize your health, gain vitality, improve your state of mind, bring balance to your life and a new spring to your step.  I’ve witnessed some energy healings that released major physical issues, which conventional medicine would not have thought possible.

In the past 20 years we’ve seen a boom in the number of energy medicine practitioners.  I’m one of them.  My interest in energy began with my career in hospital nursing (1978), and expanded in delightful ways.  I learned to sense energy with my hands (you can too), and to repair the energy system.
It’s amazing, the interplay of a person’s spirit, emotions, energy streams, and physical body.  This is true holistic medicine, where the totality of the whole person is acknowledged and nurtured.

In my energy sessions, I use my hands to measure and repair the aura, meridians, and chakras.  By the end of our session, the energy structures are expanded and more harmonious. The person feels relaxed, with a deep sense of ease, even happiness.  Health tends to improve nicely.
You might like to try it, sometime.      joystream.net







About Diane Langlois Stallings

Diane Stallings RN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Healing Touch, Enneagram Coach, EFT tapping, Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach www.joystream.net
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  1. Kathie says:

    I would like to try it! We need all the help we can get.


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