Is it You or Me, bugging me?

Why did I wake up grumpy?
Oh, ‘cuz there’s a chronic grump inside somewhere?
Wait, it’s that old grudge about X?  That thing so far under my skin , it’s like, invisible? And itchy?
And I keep thinking it’s Their fault, so I keep chewing on this chain, this heavy chain, dragging it around as if I’m Marley’s ghost?

Okay.  Well then.
Projection strikes again.
I’m pointing at you – out there, but three of my fingers point back at me.

Decades ago when I heard about point-at-you-3-at-me“Projection,” it boggled my mind.  Still does.  Because how can you see your own projection if it is the very water you swim in, the very fabric of your life, the very reality that feels so real?

Our eyes don’t see external reality directly.
Our mind expects things into reality. Emmert’s Law proves the mind forces us to see what it expects.  (Google for scientific info.)
The mind has agendas that overpower our “reality.”  You know this.

Everything we “see” and experience is translated by the mind.
Because my ‘habit of mind’ runs in a particular direction, I get to experience more of my same habit.  It pops up in my face.  Often.

Among the hodgepodge of our habits of mind, pick a line, any line:

Something is missing.  I didn’t get enough.  I’m always left out.
This looks hazardous.  Danger lurks around every corner.
I never get good service.  They step on me.
It’s best to surrender to what “they” want.  I don’t need anything, do I . . . ?
I’m the strongest.  Don’t mess with me.  I’ll get revenge.
I ‘vant’ to be alone.  Would they just leave me alone?
More fun, find more fun.  This moment is never fun enough.
Let me give you this, do this for you.  I know best for you.
Success is everything, and I’m failing.  You’re making me fail.
This/You are not good enough.
  (Deficits in you and me:  my personal recurring flavor.)
I resent that — x, y, z.
. . . and a whole lot more than these.

We fall into different attitudes . . . but we sure do fall.
Aggravation can lead to revelation.
This is the juicy side of Enneagram personality triggers.  Your awareness is up to you.

It’s not easy to get underneath our automatic reactions, but it can be done.
Meditation is a great tool for self observation.

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