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Coming to the end of this “death series,” we have yummy book suggestions.  If you’re not ready for a whole book, you will find appetizers online with these authors.

Proof of Heaven bkProof of Heaven –  Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander MD journeys into the afterlife.  He suffers a deathly illness, falls into a coma, becomes brain dead.  Doctors recommend pulling the plug.  Alexander’s amazing experiences in the Beyond illustrate the ladder of vibration/mood/tone.  AND so much more.  Like:  Heaven.
Without being familiar with any religion, Dr. Alexander takes a spirit-adventure uncolored by prior expectations.   It is a multicolored adventure.
At the end he examines and rejects many Neuroscientific Hypotheses which might have explained away his experience as mere chemicals in the brain.  Nope.  It was real.

Dying to Be MeAnita Moorjani relates her outstanding near death experience.  Her story begins with her concern for a friend dying of cancer.  Then she gets cancer herself.  She manages to heal it, but many friends’ disbelief stirs up her doubt.  The cancer returns even stronger.  Emaciated on her deathbed, with large tumors filling her whole body, she rises into a remarkable experience.  Her new awareness heals her within a week or two.
She continues to spread wisdom around the globe.

Glimpses of EternityRaymond Moody MD and Paul Perry tell the stories of people who shared a loved one’s passage into the afterlife.   These people sat at the bedside in the dying moments.  When the transition happened, they had shared-death experiences.   Provocative stories.
In 1975 Raymond Moody MD wrote Life After Life about dying, the tunnel, the light — a groundbreaking book about the afterlife.

Journey of Souls and Destiny of SoulsPsychologist Michael Newton PhD used hypnotherapy to help his clients uncover forgotten memories.  Some went so far back, they spoke about their life in the realm Beyond.  After 400 or so clients gave him similar accounts, he began to compile the first book.SchoolEarthPeeblesbook

This School called Planet Earth  –  Dr. James Martin Peebles, as channeled by Summer Bacon, clues us in on a multitude of topics, human problems, earth life, death, spirit, and love everlasting.   Dr. Peebles lived on earth about a hundred years ago (died 1922 at age 99).  He was a minister, writer, mystic, naturopath, and medical doctor.  He traveled the world, healed, counseled and ministered to thousands.  His attitude is one of deep love for all people.

Making Sense of Life Eternal – Sharon McMillan Butz writes extensive  interviews with Dr. James Martin Peebles, through trance medium Summer Bacon.  Summer is one of the most accurate channels on the planet.  This book explores a variety of illnesses, cultural concerns, soul questions, and the Dimensions beyond earth.

Life in the World Unseen –  Anthony Borgia writes the channeled words of his friend, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson (1871-1914).  In life Benson was the son of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and had a sizeable ministry of his own.  When he transitioned to the next realm, Benson was surprised to find more beauty, ease, and light than he’d imagined.  Much of his orthodox-style preaching to his congregation had been inaccurate, and much too pious compared to this realm of natural love.  He wanted to set the record straight by speaking and writing through his friend Borgia.
I thoroughly enjoy Benson’s experiences, many of which correlate so well with the teachings of Sages throughout the world.  Here’s a link, a page about Borgia which includes a free pdf of Life in the World Unseen.

Which of these books have you read?  Wha’ ja think?

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