Mediums Open the Veil  – Death part 5

Months after my mother-in-law passed, I attended a gathering given by a medium.  My mother-in-law came through with a message of forgiveness and love for everybody.  This was important for me to hear, as I had taken on guilt for what I’d seen as medical mishaps.

Polly 1985 spiritWhen I told my husband her message, she sent more.
I broached the topic as we sat on our back porch.  The moment I spoke about her, we smelled vanilla, like she was baking cookies right under our noses.   It came and went quickly.  Inexplicable.  Then our attention fell upon a new yellow flower opening on a dying mum plant she had given us years before.   The plant looked dead enough to be thrown out, but by gum, it spurted new life.

Later both of my in-laws told me, together:
“Death is nothing.  It’s like crossing the street.”
Yes, they spoke through a medium.

Consider how mediumship and trance channeling have been an integral part of virtually every spiritual tradition since the dawn of time.  Talking with the heavens.  Many holy books including the Bible were written this way.

I like good mediums, channelers, and the masters who speak through them.
Melissa Galka is our warm wonderful Psychic Medium at And Breathe wellness center.

Why would I trust the accuracy of mediums?

1) When their tone is love, broad perspective, inclusion, love for even the unlovable, I know they are spiritual, trustworthy, elevated beings.
2) When they speak of things/events/attitudes between me and the departed that nobody else knew, I know this conversation is real and true.  Sometimes the very cadence and favorite phrases of the departed come right through.
3) When they have a proven track record with good references, I trust them.

So I must recommend a fantastic heart-expanding book.
Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead,
by Irene Kendig.

Kendig was a corporate trainer and professional speaker for three decades before her career shifted to writing this surprising book.  In 2008 a friend urged her to contact a woman who had an amazing gift for communicating with people who had passed on.  Although Kendig’s schedule was full and pressing, she did make an appointment. ConversationsWithJerryFrtCover

She asked to speak with her mother, who had crossed over three years before.  Her mom came through loud and clear.  During the hour-long session, Kendig connected with four loved ones.

In Kendig’s words, “Each of their personalities came through in a way that was unmistakable, unequivocal, and irrefutable.  By the end of the session, I knew with certainty that my loved ones were still very much alive.  It was mind-boggling.”  (pg xiii Conversations with Jerry)

This has been my experience, too, when I’ve connected with someone through a reliable channel.  Each personality is so authentic and true, I know without a doubt I’m really talking with them.  I enjoy Trance Medium Summer Bacon who channels Dr. James Martin Peebles.

Conversations with Jerry is a remarkable life-changing book.  Kendig interviews seven spirits, not all of them relatives.  She asks about their transition, their life in the next realm, the way they watch over their family, and the wisdom they acquired from their time on earth.
Kendig also has a great YouTube interview.

It’s a delicious book.  Check it out.  It will turn your head around.
(No pun intended, you poltergeist fans . . . )
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