Massacre every week?

Alrighty then.  What’s up with this, World?
Another misguided madman mows down a crowd of people.
What can we do?
We’re not able to detain every dangerous person before they do damage.

I guess every crazy has their own agenda, or lack of agenda.
Those who belong to groups are trying to scare us.
Trying to ratchet up the fear, right?

So let’s talk fear.
Fear strikes fast and strong, if we live in that habit.
The fear-habit can release when we gain the meditation-habit.*
Because in meditation we feel the comfort and support that underlies everything.

I’m telling you, there’s an Undercurrent, real and true.
It’s a strong Undercurrent of Love and Connection.  You may rely on it.
You taste it when you get quiet.
It’s always here.
Always with you.
You will hear it.

Fear is an illusion.
Fear separates us.
Fear isolates us.
Our natural inclination is toward connection, not fear.
Connection is who we are.  Love is who we are.

We don’t have to engage in fear.
What if we were not afraid.
What if we said, I send compassion but I’m not terrorized.
I’m centered, grounded, connected to my higher self, connected to the Source of All.
I’m an Eternal Being.  You might whack my body, but I’m immortal.  So are you.
You silly misguided crazy.  Get with the program.  It’s love, remember?


We are empaths.
We pick up pain from others, from the nightly news, from the earth.  We take on tragedies, swallow them unknowingly.  Our fear, anger, frustration grows.  Our body tightens up with knots.
Stop already.
Discharge those painful energies.  Send them away to be recycled.
Let’s move our attention.
Let’s keep calm and carry on.
Let it Be.
Listen for the Undercurrent of Love.

Ride the waves of craziness beyond craziness,
keep yourself grounded, centered, connected to Source.
We need you.
Trust who you are.
Trust you are supported.
Trust the Universe.
Uphold your Connection.

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*(Contact Diane for meditation class or energy clearing in Phoenix and Fountain Hills.)

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  1. vickioart says:

    Thank you, Diane❤️ “I send compassion, but I’m not terrorized.” This is so helpful.

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