Departing or not:  Death part 3

Yes, morbid Diane here, with the death-word again.
Not to confront global violence and carnage.  We grieve for them.  We send them compassion.  We refuse to let the Media grab us.  

Look with me at a bigger picture, beyond the body, beyond the bottom line of this physical world.
I must give you my most-amazing-transition-story, when a spirit departed and returned.
Because it’s so clear that we are spirit, not body.
As much as we think “this body is me,” it’s not.

There we were, in ICU, taking care of a 40-year-old woman teetering on the edge, after a decade of cancer and now a huge infection, septic shock.  She had almost no blood pressure, yet she was awake.  She spoke a little through her oxygen mask to her sweet attentive husband.
Her condition was extremely critical.  I rushed around, giving tons of fluids and medications.
For awhile it looked as if she would make it.

A couple hours later the tide turned, and she sank no matter what we did.
She and her husband had already told us she did not want a breathing machine.  She did not want to be resuscitated.  By this time her mother was at the bedside too.

We gave her a bigger oxygen mask.  Our woman did not like this at all.  She pulled it off, refused it.  Refused any oxygen.  She was done.

Her oxygen saturation dwindled.
She drifted into a half-sleep, with her mother holding her hand.
Her husband occasionally went to the waiting room to update their young daughter and the rest of the family.

The husband asked me how long this would take.
I told him we never know for sure.
He said despite the cancer, they had enjoyed good times in the past ten years.  They knew this day would come.  Pain and tension filled his eyes.

I gave report to my friend on night shift, and introduced her to the husband, who was on his way out to the waiting room once again.

A couple minutes later, our woman’s heart monitor alarmed.  Asystole, a flat line.
The night nurse ran to get the husband.  I ran into the woman’s room.

The mother held her daughter’s hand and wept.  Her daughter was gone.  No pulse, no respirations.
I placed my hand on the mother’s back and expressed my empathy.  I reached out and gently closed the woman’s eyelids.

I’m sure there was no heartbeat for sixty seconds until her husband came running in.
He embraced his wife, kissed her all over her face.

In the next moment, the night nurse and I were flabbergasted to see the monitor flash up a heart rate of 120 – with a normal rhythm!  Not only that, the monitor  detected some respirations!  We stood there in amazement.

“She’s back,” said her mother.

We all looked at the monitor and at her.  She showed no movement.

Dragging this out would make it more difficult.   We all sensed it.

Her husband, still holding her, said, “It’s okay, Honey.  You can go.  We got this.”

Her heart rate coasted down.
Having responded to that last and strongest contact, she let go.  Into the Light.

Later I was still charting when the husband prepared to leave.
I gave him a hug and told him in my thirty years of nursing, I had never witnessed anything like this.  She came back to say goodbye to him.

He replied, “We always had a special connection.”

Such connections extend through time and space.
We can be in touch with our beloveds and our friends, in or out of the body.
We are spirit living in a body vehicle.

When we know we are spirit, we open to a broad view.
Matters of the heart become important.
Matters of esteem and power shrink.
Matters of safety don’t scare us so much.
Threats are no longer so threatening.
We feel our union, our Oneness with all.

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dove-spirit St Peters

About Diane Langlois Stallings

Diane Stallings RN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Healing Touch, Enneagram Coach, EFT tapping, Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach
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3 Responses to Departing or not:  Death part 3

  1. vickioart says:

    Not morbid at all, my dear💜 I love your focus on matters of the heart. Really helpful to be reminded to broaden my view. Thank you!

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