You are Large, don’t be small.

Few of us know how large, how precious we really are.
We’re blind to our own shine.
Dampened by long-standing habits.

Will I unwittingly cave in to my usual grumble?
Will I fall into my typical complaints on my drive to work?
Will I fail to speak up for myself yet again?
Will I surrender to the donut, as ever?
Will I drive myself too hard like I always do?

Subconscious habits run our lives and drag us down.
But when we see them, when they come to light, they change.
We gain space, get off auto-pilot, make a new choice.

How to see these semi-invisible habits?
Quiet the mind.
Meditate for a minute a day.  Every day.
Pay attention to the current of life underneath our life.

Approach rote habits differently.
Comb your hair with your opposite hand.
Stir your coffee with a fork.
Silly moves help us think outside our usual box.

Okay:  I have chronic tension over this issue in my life.
Am I contributing to it?

Can I shake it off and approach it differently?
Can I boldly treat that difficult person in an open-hearted way?
Can I be brave?
Can I be softhearted enough to change the world?
Can I be as Big as I really am?

Forgiveness has little to do with the offender.
It has everything to do with allowing your own heart to breathe.
(Forgive yourself first.)
Deep breath.
Feels so good.

When uptight, we shrink.
Our negative habits and thoughts squeeze us like shrink wrap.
You can feel it happening.

When we loosen up and let go, we expand.
We literally spread ourselves out, bigger and taller and happier.
You can feel it.
An energy worker can measure it.
Your energy body is meant to be huge and harmonious.
That’s when you feel great, satisfied, euphoric, in your divine right place.

We are Large. It’s our true nature.
We are everybody and everybody is us.
When we get quiet and clear, we can feel this.

Nobody can block us or constrict us except ourselves.

Let’s live Large, spread out, expand.
Stand tall and loving.
You know Who-We-Really-Are?
We are Love.

. . . best giant picture I could find:
the BFG



About Diane Langlois Stallings

Diane Stallings RN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Healing Touch, Enneagram Coach, EFT tapping, Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach
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