Swell Belly – the Mysterious Leaky Gut

Something has come between us, she/he says.
A swell belly.
It’s swollen. Tight.
This isn’t fat.  This is swelling.  From leaky gut.  The membranes of your intestines are inflamed.  There’s a war exploding inside.  Clumps of antibodies, allergens, toxins, yeast, gut bacteria, all fighting inside your tissues.  Everything’s trapped, including the water that tries to wash it all out.  So it’s swollen tight.

But hey, it’s not unusual to have a swell belly around here.  Lots of people have them.
Don’t worry about it.  Just makes it harder to breathe, to move, to have fun.
The inflammation of a swell belly can creep into other places, give you joint pain, body aches, muscle cramps, skin troubles, old-fogey diseases.
swell belly inflamedYeah.  Sorry.
Honestly, it’s not my business to even look at your swell belly.
It’s just — gosh darn it, I see what’s happening, and you don’t have to suffer like this.
Oh?  You feel fine?  Great mind-over-matter. Way to go.

. . . Thing is, if you wanted to change it, it’s a project.
Whoa.  You won’t get to eat everything you like.  Nope.
Could be a tough project, depending how you envision it.

Steps to deflate the belly:
If you wanted, you could find out what foods you’re allergic to, and quit eating them.
Sadly, favorite foods often turn out to be archenemies.  (Cravings are not friendly.)
Carb intake would be drastically reduced.
You would take probiotics, kefir and such, to restore your gut flora (the good bacteria).
Fiber to feed and strengthen your microbiota.  (Ditto.)
More supplements to soothe the war-torn battlefields of your membranes.
Lots of water to flush everything out.

Your body would detoxify, which means the toxins get mobilized and leave, which makes you feel awful, like you have the flu.
Your bowel activity could get crazy for awhile.
No picnic, this project.

But then you would start to feel great, energized, surprised with a level of health you couldn’t have imagined before.
It’s amazing.
Not easy.

I can see why you wouldn’t even want to start it.
I mean, there I go again, worrying about your mortality.
Heck, it’s just a body.  It’s disposable, right?  It doesn’t matter anyhow.
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