Bottled Alkaline Water is Not

Sorry to rain on anybody’s parade, but bottled alkaline water simply doesn’t work, okay?  I got excited when I saw this large jug at my grocery store, labeled as below.  Brought it home.  The pH was not 8.8; it was about 5.  By my litmus paper, I swear. And I think part of the trouble is, (as I circled in red at upper left corner of this label), they start with Reverse Osmosis water, which is always acidic, often a pH of 5 or so.
Drinking acid is not good for us.alkaline not water label.jpgIf a person has their own ionizing alkalizing water machine at home, the ionized antioxidant benefit lasts 8 hours, and the alkaline pH lasts 1 to 3 days (some say a week or two if tightly bottled and chilled).
If it is bottled up and put on a shelf at the grocery store, it simply will not stay alkaline.  It will revert to what it was before (in this case, acidic RO water).
I know some “Water and Ice” shops claim their alkaline water lasts 30 days.  Nope. I doubt it.
I don’t want to jump too far into water debates.  I know many folks have benefited from alkalized  water.

For myself, I prefer ordinary traditional neutral 7 pH water.  Yes, tap water, filtered to remove impurities.  And I add Celtic Sea salt.
I think water was designed to help us balance everything in our body.  That’s why it is neutral.  So it can serve our body-balance in the best way.  It’s neutral so it can become what we need, when and where we need it.

Of course most of us could stand to eat more alkaline foods:  plants.  Fresh veggies.
Isn’t this what Granny always told us, anyhow?

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