Lift the Chaos, Send Love to Yourself and the World

Massacre?  “That ain’t gonna happen here in Arizona. We have guns.”

I heard this snippet in a public place after last week’s installment of insane violence.  It’s a standard response here in the wild west.  As if your gun will save you from an unobtrusive suicide bomber exploder.  Okay.  Whatever illogic gets you through the day.

Bizarre chaos continues.  What can we do with it?  Our heart gets torn up regularly.
What’s happening to us humans?
If we are One, why are some of our extremities so necrotic, dark, and dense?

Tokyo ghoulWe cannot know what these troubled souls signed up to do or to endure. They may have reasons all their own, compelled by karma, I don’t know.

Why can’t we all lighten up together?  We can, but we can’t.
Actually we are lightening up.  It just doesn’t look that way at times.  Like, every week.

But really, look how much lighter and more heartful the world is now than it was fifty years ago.  Before they invented the phrase “politically correct” (respectful of others).  Before we had thumbs-up to share instantly around the globe.
As a human family, we’re moving out of the myth that we must destroy each other to get our own way.  We’re gaining the awareness that everybody’s way is okay.  Yes, everybody.
We are fingers and toes on the same body.

When something horrible happens, we hear it instantly.  Our heart hurts.
Compassion arises naturally in us humans.  We are empathetic.
So much heartache, and more is bound to come.
The tiger of density and pain takes another swipe, carves out our heart, enlarges it.

We send love and compassion to those involved in the brutality.
“May they be happy, may they be well.”
(Want a challenge?  Launch compassion to all of them, even the brutal ones.)

Breathe. Send Love. This vibration does help. (Send material help if you can, but -)

Don’t send fear, outrage, revenge.
What’s the point of feeding your anxiety into it?
Chaos thrives on dark emotions – don’t feed it.
Don’t send more negativity toward the disaster.

Don’t let Fear drag you into its sinkhole.
Release it. Don’t dwell on it. Don’t let chaos chew on you.
(It helps to know we are eternal beings. Our physical body is the smallest part of us.  We are indestructible.)

This world is vibration, from the deep ditch of hopelessness to breezy contentment.
Fear sits low on the scale and blocks our view of better feelings.
Fear makes us think fear is truth.  But it’s not.  It’s just another view.

We each operate our own elevator up and down through these vibrations.
Our Attention is our most powerful tool.
Place your attention on a better-feeling thought.  Anything you like. What do you like?

As a Friend of mine suggests:  close your eyes, take a deep breath down your spine and say,
“I open myself up to receive light, love, inspiration, and truth.”
Relax into it.  Let it work on you.  Breathe.
Let this flow out to humankind.
This is not an escape.
This brings circulation and light all the way to our extremities.


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Feel better, get balanced.
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(Gigantic thanks to the original artist of this pic from Russia (below), found on the web in 2015 but no longer accessible to give credit to the artist – has had many imitators since then. Beautiful. Thank you for creating this.) 

Russia Strange Juice paper airplanes hearts

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