Exercising Your Soul

 From my brilliant friend Rosie Carey, reprinted from the Keene NH newspaper:

I’m looking forward to spending a day at the beach, in fact tomorrow. More than the waves and sand, it is deeply restorative and reconnects me to the divine energy of life. There is something about a day at the beach that imprints you for the better. The primal rhythms of the waves reset your internal balance.

Your energy body responds to these primal rhythms. Perhaps you have experienced beingLaguna wave 2014 in the ocean for an hour or more and when you emerge you have the sensation that your body is still moving with the waves of the ocean. This sensation is heightened if you lay still on the sand. You will for some time feel the sensation of the ocean waves moving within you. The ocean waves have imprinted your body. This phenomenon of connecting with nature organizes the auric system and feels relaxing and rejuvenating. It shows you how a larger electromagnetic energy field like the ocean can affect and imprint yours, a smaller one. For some people it is the mountains or the desert, but we all have a place that we reconnect.

It’s interesting how our energy body holds memory. In fact a part of our aura is devoted to storing experiences, both happy times and traumatic. It is a frequency band that integrates and archives the events of your life. That band and the information it stores can be accessed at certain moments and in certain states of consciousness. It is not magical, but it does take an understanding of the aura and electromagnetic fields to get predictable results. This memory band organizes like data with like data, so as you go through life you may mature in specific categories from these collated experiences. Although this is not a conscious knowing, at times you may have direct insight into the reason behind your struggles and achievements. You might see the bigger picture and suddenly realize, ‘Oh, that’s what that is all about.’

One of the things I ask clients is: ‘Have you had any surgeries, auto accidents, physical injuries, birth trauma or the like?’ These things are typical to create imprints and cause damage. The events of trauma, either physical or emotional can imprint your electromagnetic field, your aura. In part, this memory band of storage contributes to the colors that some people see around you in your aura. Your quality of life determines the quality of light reflected by this band. Trauma stores as discordant, low-frequency interference here which creates dense, dull areas that block reflectivity. Joyful experiences imprint you as well. They store in higher frequency ranges which allow for greater reflectivity, color and light in your aura. Your experiences make you beautiful or not by the inherent light they contain and is reflected through them.

sunset in forest July 8Cultivating and creating joyful experiences is mindful practice. There are so many things in our lives that we feel we have little control over. So, being conscious of where you have the power to create your experience is transformative. Learning to be present to, receptive and happy with your creation takes practice. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and I also focus more on what is missing than on what I have. These traits distract terribly from the contentment that comes with having orchestrated a joyful moment. My personality can undermine me at times.

Part of creating joyful experiences is also about surrendering to the flow of the divine. When you are in that flow, things come easily and what you create is magical. Seeing the beauty in what is given, even though it may not be what you anticipated, is the first step. Releasing your expectations of the outcome is the next. Seeing the beauty of your own energy mix with the flow of the divine is truly transformative. This process demands you work with what you have got and from there grow in contentment.

Doing this mindful practice can bring you increased health and wellbeing. Not only do you get the joyful experience, but you learn to exercise your creativity and join with divine energy. You collect good imprints in your memory band, which increase your reflectivity and the light that emanates from you. You increase your awareness. It’s all part of creating your own reality and building your energy body. You might call it exercising your soul.

Rose Carey is the founder of LifeLight Center on Washington Street in Keene. She has 25 rosieyears of private practice in energy medicine and holistic body therapies. She is sensitive to and repairs the energy pathways of your body and aligns your energy, nervous and muscular/skeletal systems. Call for info and appointments at 603-852-8300 or visit online at http://www.lifelightcenterllc.com for past articles and more.


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