Rock Solid Comfort – Meditation – True Happiness Now

What would it be worth, to know in your bones that All is Well, all the time?  Despite tensions, arguments, grudges, anxiety, cracked ribs, bloody noses, car wrecks, cancer, back pain, insomnia, violence, poverty, plagues . . .
Would you believe you have an always-available connection to Something Higher, where comfort reigns?  Every moment.  No Kidding.

This earthly plane can be a torment, yes.  Stress is a killer.  It’s easy to fall into the ditch of despair.  But look deeper.  You will find a key right here in front of your face.

The key is Your Attention.  The ability to move your attention.

“What?  But my life is crap.  Trouble keeps hitting me, right and left, top and bottom.  I can’t get out of this.”

Right, it’s overwhelming.  I’ve been there.  When you’re in the ditch, you can’t see anything but mud.  You can’t lift your head high enough to see out.  You think the ditch is all there is.

“This is a real ditch.  Don’t give me your pie-in-the-sky platitudes.”

Just humor me.  If you could slow down, breathe, shift your attention enough, you could escape all these pressures.
Medication, some call it.  
(Oh, heck, it sounds boring; nobody wants it.)  
But everybody wants it!  It brings Happiness!

When a person catches the meditation habit, even a 5-minute-a-day habit, something remarkable happens.

  • First, you discover you have the Power of Observation. You have an Inner Observer who always lives in a field of Contentment, 24/7.
  • Second, you strengthen your ability to move your attention.
  • Third – with steady practice, after awhile – you touch everlasting bliss, that underlying field of Contentment. You bask in the greater Reality, where All Is Well.

What would it be worth, to loosen up your aggravations and de-stress?

When I caught the habit, it lightened up every pocket of my life.
How has it changed yours?

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