Benefits of Meditation – Get Into a Better Mood

Sure, we think meditation’s good for us, but why?
Because it gives us inner space:  space to step back from our troubles, our issues, our incessantly chattering mind.
When we learn to slip into this quiet comfort, our perception of life changes!
How do you feel after a long walk on the beach or in the forest?
After Nature in all its quiet glory resets your vibration?
This is the kind of contentment and clarity you can gain with a meditation practice.
And you can begin it for as little as one minute a day!
BENEFITS of meditation:
  • stress relief 
  • less muscle tension / spasm
  • less pain
  • fewer auto-immune issues
  • lower blood pressure
  • more serotonin – the happiness hormone
  • better concentration & focus
  • better mood
  • better natural immunity and less disease
  • better healing of mental, emotional, and physical issues
  • stronger intuition

Release anxiety, find contentment


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