Miracles of HTMA

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis solved the mystery of my weakness.  The bigger miracles are:  practitioners are using this HTMA to resolve leaky calcified heart valves, Atrial Fibrillation and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Such things are unheard of in the hospital where I work. In the hospital setting, if you have a bad valve, you need surgery.  If you have Atrial Fibrillation or CHF you’re just going to have to live with it.  (Die with it.)

Who are these mavericks, examining HTMA, dissolving calcifications in the tissues and bringing mineral balance to the weak organs of the body, using nutrition and supplements? They are sprinkled around the country, and the ones I know are Dr. Rick Malter PhD  and Rachel Neumann.

Team Rachel  Neumann and Rick Malter

Neumann and Malter

Dr. Malter’s journey with HTMA began decades ago when he discovered his tissues were extremely deficient in magnesium, to the point where he was dangerously close to suffering a heart attack. He credits HTMA with saving his life at that time. By rebalancing his magnesium he avoided a heart attack.  Since 1980 he has been using HTMA for clients, in his work as a psychologist and nutrition counselor.  Countless people owe their great health to his expertise.

Rachel Neumann is a gifted empowerment coach with three decades of experience in supporting clients to restore their well-being.  Her vast knowledge of metabolic balance, mineral balance, hydration, and a healthy dietary program has awakened and transformed people around the world.

By examining a tablespoon of our hair, HTMA shows us the mineral patterns and toxins  in our tissues. In our cells.  It tells us what’s happening at the cellular level.
Doctors have always relied on blood work and urine tests to help with diagnosis and treatment. But Hair TMA (HTMA) proves to be immensely important too.
The bloodstream does not always reflect what’s happening in the tissues, especially on a chronic basis. Our blood’s job is to balance everything, carrying foods and wastes, transporting, keeping checks and balances. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. But if Peter is in our cells, does he ever get payback?
This is what Hair TMA answers:  how are my cells doing?
In the cells the work gets done or not done, depending on mineral depletion. How are my tissues and organs doing?  Are they fine, or possibly on the verge of collapse?  Am I forming calcifications that impact my health?  Is low magnesium the cause of my Atrial Fibrillation?  Are my minerals depleted and will my energy dwindle, as a result?

Beware of Levaquin

Beware of Levaquin

This past autumn I’d had pneumonia, Levaquin (with probable collateral damages), and sudden hypothyroidism. I was treated for all this and should’ve been feeling better, but I still felt exhausted. The answer came with my hair analysis, HTMA.

Health coach Rachel Neumann referred me to Rick Malter, and they both helped me explore options for rebalancing my minerals. With my HTMA results in hand (half a dozen graphs), we three had an incredibly informative phone consultation. Rachel then sent the recording to me so I could listen again. A good thing, because my head was spinning.

Here is Malter’s a diagram of the two main Hair TMA types:  Fast Oxidizers and Slow Oxidizers.   Apparently the Fast ones tend to be lower in calcium/magnesium, higher in sodium/potassium.  The Fast group comprises perhaps 20% of the general population.  (I apologize for not knowing much about them, because I was interested in my own case, as a Slow Oxidizer.)

Fast and Slow Oxidizers by Dr Malter80% of us are Slow Oxidizers, higher in calcium/magnesium, lower in sodium/potassium.  If  these mineral pairs are in perfect ratio, they balance each other well, no problem.  Calcium and magnesium will balance each other unless one of them is too much or too little.  If their ratio is askew, our body gradually gets out of whack. And there’s a whole assortment of mineral pairs with specific ratios, not just these mentioned here.

Slow Oxidizers (most of us), if we live long enough, hard enough, stressful enough — we seem to develop a slower weaker thyroid, exhausted adrenals, and calcifications of our soft tissues.

All of this was starting to happen to me. But the biggest deficit was extremely low potassium in my tissues. That’ll make anybody weak. Let me clarify:  my blood work showed a healthy potassium level, while HTMA showed critically low potassium at the cellular level.
My potassium had dropped because of my intake of calcium, vitamin D, and copper, Malter explained.  Any and all three of these knock down potassium, in my case.

Oy.  I never should have taken several decades of the best calcium supplements recommended by doctors for women.  And this past year I should not have blindly followed the popular advice to take vitamin D3.
In fact I’m coming to understand that those of us who take supplements often do so blindly, according to our symptoms. This is the same way modern medicine handles things.  Our mindset is to treat symptoms, using the appropriate pill or supplement.  Take this pill, and let’s see how you feel . . .
But hey, with HTMA, we can actually see what ingredients our particular body really needs. We can see the ratios, the balance or imbalance deep in our tissues. Each body is unique.

My maverick coaches also explained how stress woman cartoonchronic stress depletes our minerals. Stress relief is a big part of the mineral rebalancing process.  We burn a ton of magnesium and zinc when we are under stress. Plus our diets are often deficient in magnesium and zinc already.
Not only that, when our minerals are lopsided, it worsens our response to stress.  We can’t handle stress.  Can’t take it in stride.
So it’s a downward spiral as we fall deeper into frustration and fatigue.

Okay, I don’t want to get too gloomy, and this whole subject is much bigger than I can address here. Suffice it to say that each of us is so unique, every HTMA is different.  Thus every treatment plan is tailor-made.
If you happen to be dealing with chronic fatigue, feeling burned out, stressed-out, sick enough that pharmaceuticals aren’t helping you, or if you want to feel a whole lot better in your body, more vibrant and energetic, then you should look into HTMA.
It just might change your life.
It is changing mine. These past six weeks of rebalancing my minerals have brought me more energy, stability, vitality.  Thank you, Rachel and Rick!

If you are interested in Hair TMA analysis and a consultation with Rachel Neumann and Rick Malter, Ph.D., contact Rachel at this link: http://www.yourpathwaytoempowerment.com/contact.php
(They might even be running a special.)

Next time I’ll tell you about copper toxicity, which affects so many of us, especially women, and what we can do for that.  (I had no clue about the high-copper content of my favorite healthy  foods.)
Then the post after that will speak to our calcium/magnesium imbalance, and how to rebalance.

Until Soon  . . .

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  1. Margaret Grannis says:

    Diane, Thank you so much for your willingness to share your candid info in this and your previous blog. I would like to have just the hair analysis done first, then follow up if there are imbalances. I do not take calcium, but I do eat vitamins. I have a pretty much standard heart-healthy diet, since I eat what is recommended for Lou, who had quadruple bypass surgery 8 years ago. I’ll click on Dr Malter’s name and see what I get. I feel fine, but I am curious. Thanks, again, Margaret


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