Surprising Wing Nut Whispers – Can you hear Angels, and do you talk back?

Has the Universe been talking to you?  When we’re feeling good, things fall into place with surprises and good timing.  We feel guided to leave the house at a moment when the route is clear.
Afterward the road gets blocked.  By the time we return, the blockage is clearing.

We all have days when our life is charmed, the Universe provides.
We fly in light and love.
We know, in our bones, gratitude is the path to joy.
And it’s all so easy, when the Universe says, here’s a gift, here’s a gift, here’s another.  Our inner reply is all Thank You, Thank You.
We are living in a sweet dream.  Abundance, ease, flow!

But when we’re feeling bad?  When we’re in the ditch, tense with worry, our mind extrapolates our fears.  Awful stuff arises in our head.  Awful stuff balloons up in front of us.  The monsters puff up, and we can’t see our way past them.

We can’t find the door to happiness.  We forget how gratitude can release us.
“There’s nothing to be grateful for, anyhow,” we say, “this stinks.”

inception mirrors the dream is realWe feel the Universe has abandoned us.

Are we still living in a dream?  You bet.  It’s a world of mirrors, sending us whatever vibration we hold.

It’s not easy to shift ourselves when everything looks dim.
We forget we can choose where to place our attention.

Thankfully, once in awhile, the Universe throws us a line . . .
One season when I was deep in the muck, feeling so bereft, I received such a life line.
At that time someone I loved more than life itself slipped into a mysterious sickness that looked hopeless and possibly fatal.   Doctors couldn’t crack it.
I prayed continuously, especially in my car as I drove back and forth to visit and help each day.
The Universe stroked us a little, but mostly monsters hit us with hammers every time we had space to breathe.  Hopes arose, then crumbled under more complications.

Weeks into this nightmare, on a day when hope glimmered, I was driving along praying.  I asked aloud, “Can everything be all right again?  Can it please be all right?”
A car loomed in front of me with a license plate whispering, ALRIGHT.
My heart tilted.  I breathed.

A day or two later I was weak and doubtful, not up for the challenge.  “It’s tough to keep fighting this situation,” I moaned.  At the stoplight the license plate said, MARINE 1.
(You calling me a Marine?)

Again that week, feeling dark, arguing with my partner, seeing him as all wrong, I ranted against him in my head.  I was promptly corrected by another plate:  EQL2U.

On another drive, exhausted, I saw a mental image of shriveled fruit, all used up.
I knew I was pushing myself too much.
Upon that thought, a car bumper offered:  RLNTLSS.
Oh, am I relentless?
Like maybe I should stop trying to control every detail?
Let go and Let God, as we say?
I dunno.  I want some reassurance.  (This, yet, despite Messages.)
licence plates west

It was a long haul, that season.  But hope kept resurrecting.
We had to persist, what else could we do?
I did feel the Universe heard me and stood by me, even in the dark.

Intellectually I knew (but forgot) the road to lightness is appreciation for the good things in our lives.  But I could not see it.
When you’re in the ditch, you can’t see anything.
My heart didn’t want to speak gratitude.  My tongue could barely move in that direction.

Pain, I thought as I drove.  We must be learning from our pain. Our souls are young and learning somehow.
A car swooped by, its plate trailing: EAGLETS.
So I saw us as young fragile babies in a nest.
But there was a Nest, anyhow.
And if we are eaglets, does it mean we will become strong?

I shook my head at myself, at the way I saw messages.
Maybe I inferred all these things.
Did I?  Was the whole thing a fluke?
I changed lanes and glanced to my left, where a license plate glinted: ABCDE.
I grinned.  “So You have the alphabet at Your disposal to talk to me, or what?”

Maybe I am crazy, I thought.
I keep seeing Angel notes from passing cars.
The very next plate shined:  WNG NUT.
. . .
eaglets trio

. . .

(Just so we’re clear, this is non-fiction.  And we are eaglets, all around the world.   I would love to hear how the Universe talks to you, if you’d like to comment.)
BTW this difficult season in my life eventually did unfold into balance and strength. Thanks, Source.


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5 Responses to Surprising Wing Nut Whispers – Can you hear Angels, and do you talk back?

  1. Margaret Grannis says:

    Nothing so sustained and amazing as your experience, although I did have a license plate incident a long time ago.

    Lou’s Science of Mind church has a long peace prayer that all its world-wide membership is asked to recite at noon GMT on December 31. I agreed to participate. That’s 5 AM AZ time. I usually wake up early, so I did not set the alarm. I woke up too early and decided to play a borrowed Michael CD. I had no idea what the topic would be. It turned out to be Rosh Hashana! so it was a perfect new year’s message. At 5 AM exactly, Michael finished Avenu Malkanu. I chanted the S of M prayer for about 10 minutes and turned the CD on again. Michael sang a particularly heartfelt Rebbe’s Blessing, with the suggestion beforehand that we pray for people here and passed on. It seemed like a lovely synchronicity.


  2. Janet Rottmann says:

    Oh my! Diane, I read this last night and laughed and laughed ….. made me feel so good that I am not the only one who reads life through license plates when I am desperate and need help making a decision!

    Enjoy Your Day!



  3. Dear Margaret,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful synchronicity! I love it!


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