Heart Energy is more than Love

The Energy of Your Heart is more than Love
by Rose Carey  (reprinted with permission)

Our hearts are what connect us with others and allow us to feel compassion, empathy, courage and love. We have a physical heart as well as an energetic heart center. Your physical heart is the center of your physical well-being. Your energetic heart, your heart chakra is the center of your energetic life. They often are confused as one and the same especially as your physical heart hurts when your heart chakra is wounded.

For those of you less familiar with your chakra system, here is a brief account. Attached into your physical body are seven major chakra centers. Each chakra is able to send and receive messages, collect and broadcast energy and information to and from your central nervous system as well as collectively surround your body with a field of energy known as your aura. Each chakra assesses and relates to different categories of information and has different characteristics and abilities. The chakras, in a sense, are your etheric eyes, ears, nose and mouth. All seven centers function as a comprehensive information network helping to create and manifest your consciousness, and your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual reality.

Your heart center is capable of connection and LOVE in many subtle forms, both human love and divine love. As we mature as whole beings, and as we grow our hearts to mature, we experience love of life, our first love, love in marriage, love for our family, passion for a cause or quest, love of self, the separation that death brings and the yearning to return to the Oneness. These forms of love teach us, through their fullness and absence, the wondrous journey that develops our hearts.

You may find yourself passionate about a particular love and linger a long time with theheart ethers large energy and subtle development of that aspect. Perhaps you will encounter in this way another of the energies of the heart, that of transformation. The heart joins the physical chakras, or energies of your body with the spiritual chakras or energies and thus is called the ‘great transformer’.  The passion of youth transforms into humanitarian service, love gained is lost, which leads to yearning for fulfillment.  The occasionally daring heart becomes the courageous heart. These experiences of love and expressions of love drive this center to transform our whole being to greater states of awareness as the heart closes to heal, transform and reopen to yet another love. This is how your heart transforms you, moves you to fulfill your passion and challenges your courage to go deeper and quest longer. This is transformation through cycles of rebirth of your spirit. Your heart chakra is the first chakra of your spiritual chakras and is your spiritual womb.

When you live from your heart center, you realize you are more than the physical body.  You begin to know you are ‘spirit in’ your body. Your heart is the gateway to your spiritual life.  As we consider others, know the depths of love and have courage, we develop our divinity.  We come to live as divine beings and this begins our spiritual life.

Much of the energy of the heart chakra is also about balance, balance of the physical reality and the spiritual reality; balance of what is right for others weighed against what is right for you, balance of passion and practicality.  Understandably, the consciousness of your heart chakra is tolerance.  If you practice tolerance you will have more balance in life and less trouble overcoming many of the pitfalls to transformation.

Discernment is a characteristic of the heart and is developed through constant evaluation of self and other, what is physical pain or suffering and what is emotional or spiritual pain. Things that cause your heart to suffer are issues of loss, deception and betrayal.  Diseases that develop from these issues directly affect your physical heart.  Some of the emotional conditions that involve damage to your heart manifest through trust issues, boundary and relationship issues and narcissism.

To promote health and healing of your heart, both physical and energetic, encourage yourself to know and live as the divine being you are.  Practice tolerance and maintain an open heart.  The solitary heart is never truly alone.  Connect with self and others.  Remember a heart that closes, shuts out both the good feelings and the painful ones.  Keep trust in yourself that you may feel love, have compassion, and find the courage to embrace all of life’s offerings.

It starts with you. Let the energy and wisdom of your heart guide you to transform a self-focused life towards creating greater awareness. Creating greater awareness starts with you and then expands to others to ultimately affect us all.

rosieRose Carey is the founder of the newly opened LifeLight Center on Washington Street in Keene, NH.  She has 22 years of private practice in energy medicine and holistic body therapies.  She is sensitive to and repairs the energy pathways of your body and aligns your energy, nervous and muscular/skeletal systems.  Call for more info and appointments at 603-852-8300 or visit online at www.lifelightcenterllc.com  The website’s Events schedule includes Tuesday night classes for energy workers. Please call ahead to join this group.

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