Sugar Shock – How Sugar Depletes You

Yikes, how was I to know I’m addicted to sugar?  I thought I was doing fine by eating tons of veggies, making reasonable food choices, and giving myself one sugar treat per day.  Not so, says Dr. Robert Lustig  in Sugar, the Bitter Truth – an 80 minute YouTube video.  You’ve already seen it, years ago?

Lustig enlightens us about fructose and high fructose corn syrup, which is in so many of our prepared foods. By golly, it’s rather toxic stuff. It’s getting lodged in our livers, giving us fatty livers and extra fat around our torso and heart.
Our intake of sugar has risen enormously in only a couple of generations.

increase of sugar
Manufacturers add tons of sugar to keep us buying their foods, especially low fat foods.
Take a look at the label.  Low-fat crackers have a lot more sugar so they will “taste good.” Look at the portion size.  Typically we may be eating a lot more than the portion.
And sugar is addictive. In fact sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. No wonder I like it so much.

We keep going back for more crackers. Not knowing how crackers we really are!

Lustig reminds us how we process sugar, which is half glucose, half fructose – and how fructose leads to disease:
sucrose breakdownExcuse me?  Fructose blocks messages to my brain?
Yes – Fructose impairs the release of insulin and leptin, so they cannot tell the brain we’ve had enough to eat.

So we still feel hungry, not satisfied, and we eat some more!  We buy two packages of crackers/chips, so we won’t go hungry, yet we continue to feel hungry, nibbling along . . .

Now.  Since the invention of High Fructose Corn Syrup in 1975, our sugar intake has climbed to four times more than our grandparents ate.   We’ve gone from 24 Gm sugar per day to 100 Gm or more.


The American Heart Association suggests that our total sugar intake should be
36 Gm per day for men;  24 Gm per day for women.

The scary part is to realize how many foods contain sugar.  Who knew fat free raspberry salad dressing may ooze as much sugar as chocolate syrup?
I ask you, is this what I want to do with my clogged up fatty liver?  I think not.

So I am really eyeballing those labels now.
I hope you eyeball them too.  A few more ideas:

  • Avoid all sugary drinks, including fruit juices, sodas, iced coffees.
  • Eat carbs with fiber. Fiber counteracts many of the negative aspects of fructose and makes you feel full faster.
  • Wait 20 minutes before second portions.
  • Exercise – you got to move it, move it 🙂

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