Chakra Toning to Balance Your Energy

chakras all Bali batikChakras, the vortices of light-energy that run all the way up our spine, are fascinating.  They are antennas to receive and send out information, energy and light. They bring subtle energy into the nerves and vital organs. They communicate with our nervous system, our consciousness, and with all life around us.
Each chakra handles a unique aspect of us. For instance, the first chakra (root chakra at the tailbone) focuses upon survival, security and livelihood. The heart chakra deals with relationships and love.
Each chakra has a consciousness which contributes to the whole system.  Our chakras together fill out our energy field, the aura around us.
(In case you’re wondering, the existence of chakras was scientifically proven in 1977 by Valerie Hunt, and more research proliferates since then.)

Energy streams through our body in pathways known as meridians, and chakras organize intersections of this energy.  Chakras regulate and distribute energy, feeding vitality to the physical organs nearby.  If a chakra is not working well, the dysfunction is usually reflected in that area of the body too. 

Although we consider chakras to be nonphysical, most of us can learn to feel chakra energy with the palm of our hand.  And we have a nerve plexus reaching toward the front of the body in each chakra location.  It’s like a map showing where we sense and draw in energy, as well as send it out.
So chakras can be seen as portals of expression for our nervous system and our energy body.

Years ago when I began to explore chakras, Anodea Judith’s books were a valuable resource for me.  According to Judith and in my own experience as an energy healer:

First chakra at the tailbone says, do I feel ok to be here, to have health and prosperity?
Second chakra in the low belly says, do I have a right to feel pleasure and to play?
Third chakra at the abdomen says, do I have the power to act – willpower?
Fourth chakra at the heart says, am I loved, and do I love?
Fifth chakra at the throat says, can I hear and express, communicate?
Sixth chakra at the forehead says, can I see and perceive, understand?
Seventh chakra at the crown says, am I connected to my divine Source?

These are questions we might ask ourselves throughout our life, as our inner growth unfolds in deeper and richer ways.  When our Spirit feels truly content with all the above questions, then we are fully balanced emotionally and physically.
Stress is the true root cause of disease:  stress and resistance to What-Is.  But as we honor and embrace our own life, loving ourselves just as we are, exactly where we are, then wellbeing abounds.

If we are just beginning our exploration, we will find wounds to heal.
Every healing contributes to greater expansion and joy.
There are many approaches and methods to this kind of healing.  For many of us, hands-on energy healing goes deeper than talk therapy.  We can permanently release old issues, and our contentment grows.

Judith published the following toning sounds which we can use to experience our own chakras. Because all the world is vibration, it’s only natural that when you intone an appropriate vibration, the corresponding vibration will resonate within your chakra.  If you are attuned to your body, you will feel something.
If you do not feel it yet, relax, because eventually you will feel these vibrations in response to your voice.  (Energy follows attention, so the more attention you give to this practice, the greater results you will experience.)

In the beginning it took me two weeks, maybe longer, spending 5 or 10 minutes twice a day vocalizing the first chakra tone until I could feel a vibration at my tailbone.  In my third week I moved on to the second chakra tone until it responded.  As each chakra began to ‘reply’ to my voice, I grooved on this validation of these subtle energies.

blue-swirly-fractal-resembling-a-chakra-over-black-backgroundChakra 1    base of spine                oh         
Chakra 2    low belly /spleen         oo
Chakra 3    navel / solar plexus    ah
Chakra 4    heart                             ay          
Chakra 5    throat                            ee          
Chakra 6    3rd eye/ forehead      mmm     
Chakra 7    crown                            nng
(Reprinted with permission from Anodea Judith)

Go ahead and try it now; see how your body responds.  Do you feel a reaction from any of your chakras?  Any tingling, warmth, vibration, or other sensations?

If you want to “wake up” your chakras:
Start with first chakra, because when it is strengthened, it will bring more Earth energy into the body.  Many of us are a bit shut down in first chakra, because we don’t take the time to connect to the earth and the natural world. We tend to live way up in our heads and ignore our feet.
As a culture, we tend to have energy issues from the waist down. We tend to be a bit ungrounded. (See my posts Grounded and Present Meditation and Strengthen First and Second Chakras)

Have fun with these toning sounds. Enhance your perception by first meditating into contentment.  Then focus your mind on the intended chakra as you vocalize its tone.  Chant the tone many times, one long tone with each out-breath.
Enjoy the sound you are voicing and hearing.  It’s a bit like singing to yourself, delighting in your remarkable field of energy.

(Anodea Judith’s website is  She offers a wonderful chakra meditation audio, free of charge, and she has plenty of great material to share.  I highly recommend her books, The Chakra System and Eastern Body, Western Mind.)


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