Glide 5 Spacious Expansion – Easy Meditation

In these 4 weeks you have formed a good habit of daily meditation.  It’s your normal routine (we hope), during which you may sense glimmerings of peace. Even two seconds is a good taste, and it will grow in time.
Meditation no longer feels as boring as watching bread rise.  If it does feel boring, remember that’s the chatty ego talking, the one who craves constant stimulation. 

return to focusThe chatty mind is powerful.  Even seasoned meditators who have been at it for decades still have busy thoughts.   The goal is to gently return to your focus.  Whether your focus is the breath, candle, mantra, peace, the Divine – keep returning to it.  This is the practice.  Simply return again and again.
No worries.  This is how awareness grows.  All in good time.

Your soul doesn’t get bored.  It basks in love, and all it ever says is “I am.”  It loves everything it sees.
The ego tends to put up roadblocks that separate us from love.

As Rumi said, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
Over time, our meditation will show us those barriers in the form of old emotional pains and memories.  Unresolved issues naturally bubble up.  Those painful memories, hurts, and snags barricaded our heart against love, against ease and connection.

When these upsets arise during meditation, patiently observe them without going into your usual indignant story about them.witness calmly  For instance,  I am in that scene long ago, where that person mistreated me.  I breathe deeply as I watch the scene unfold.  It may hurt, but I breathe with it.  I witness it.  Let emotion flow through me.  I don’t fight it.  I do not tell myself how unfair, how terrible, how aggravating it was.  I let the emotion rise and fall without going into judgment or condemnation of anybody, not them, not myself.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done.
Take it piecemeal and be gentle with yourself.
Increasing contentment will be yours as you continue your meditation practice.
Benefits expand.  Intuition becomes more available.

We begin to understand the Inner Observer is us.
We find we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
“A Human Holiday” (said a radio show, years ago).
The Observer looks at life and feels more lightheartedness than the ego usually feels.

earth-hearts-wallpapers-13In Glide 5 spacious meditation we will stretch our personal boundaries and become more spacious than our body.  We will gradually take in, embrace, and become larger and larger spaces.
By using our intention and imagination, we “grow” to experience a big perspective.  When we feel as large as the sky, our worries dwindle compared to our greater  spaciousness.
With this practice, eventually it may be possible to taste nonlocality – being in a vast space, not limited to our local place, yet in touch with everything.

Settle in, and breathe into your belly.  Feel your feet and your seat connected to the earth, as if you had deep roots going miles down.  Thank the earth for supporting you.

Now allow yourself to feel the space within your body.  Let that grow larger.  Feel your sense of self expanding several inches out from your body.
Let this envelope double in size.  Keep breathing into your belly, gently.  Feel your sense of self filling a space about 3 feet thick around you.
Let that expand, to where “you” are filling most of the room.
And now you fill the whole room with your awareness.
Breathe.  Imagine growing larger, taking in the roof above you, taking in your entire home or whatever building surrounds you.
How does it feel to be so large, to be permeating so much space?  Breathe.
Allow yourself to stretch further.  Take in more space outdoors around you.
Go ahead, expand through your neighborhood . . .
Take up a couple more blocks in your part of town . . .  See the streets or landmarks –
Your whole town . . . your state, its geographical features . . .
Let yourself become the mountains, the fields, the lakes . . .  the whole region . . . country, continent and beyond.  Keep breathing.

in JOY
IN joy
Joy rests within us.  Call it up to the surface.
Keep Gliding!

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