Glide 4 – Sensation Meditation

How goes the Gliding?  Hopefully it’s becoming a steady habit to gladden  your heart.

As you sit, remember it’s not about pushing away thoughts, but rather releasing.  Not caring what comes and goes.  See thoughts as fish drifting around.  Put yourself into drifting.  Not efforting.  Glide with it.

For these few minutes we release everything.  We want to go nonlinear, non-thinking.
We may be slightly tranced.
It is fine to let go of the busy mind for a little while.  We won’t be lost.
smiling reclining budda faceThe state of meditation is similar to what we feel a moment before we fall asleep.  We are releasing the hubbub, letting go.  But we are staying awake to experience larger consciousness.

How goes the belly breathing?  Try it whenever you’re stressed during the day.  Belly breathing brings in more oxygen, prana, energy, and relaxation.

Now for more mind-warp:
Scientists and Sages say we project our reality.  Whatever seems to be happening on the outside is really happening inside us first. This is a hard idea to swallow, yet time and again it is proven to be so.

We “create” our world from what we see, hear, feel, etc – our senses tell us what is “real” in this concrete world.  Yet the mind can be so strong in its expectations and judgments, it can sway our experience.  Our mind impacts everything we sense.  So our senses are not necessarily accurate tools; they are skewed by the mind.

Imagine yourself as a giant nonphysical amorphous being who slipped your long extremities into the shoes, gloves, and goggles of 5 sensations so you could experience the physical world.  But then you became so enthralled with sensations and physicality, you forgot you were still nonphysical.

If you want to remember Who-You-Really-Are, if you want sunball silhouette manto feel your eternal nonphysical self, one way is to withdraw from physical sensations.
This is why, in this meditation series, we are focusing on a particular sensation, then loosening our grip on it.  Last week it was hearing, this week it is feeling.
We observe a sense in order to identify it.  Then we step back from it and recognize, hey, this is a human sensation.
So as I observe sound, I can simply call it hearing.  Or, that’s just what my ears are hearing.  Underneath that I may perceive Something else, a deeper reality.
As I observe the sensations in my body, I acknowledge them, but I can also take a step back and feel myself as an observer of them.

Another great thing about the body:  it exists only in the Now, ever-present to this moment.  So when we want to drop the machinations of the mind (ego) and stop running to the past and the future, we can focus on the body and be fully Present with it.
It feels good without the mind running the show.

You are seated comfortably, breathing into your belly.  Let everything go, release all of your cares.  There’s no other place to go and nothing to do right now.
Feel your sitting bones, rooted into the earth.
Place your attention on your belly as it stretches with the breath.  Imagine the belly as a soft, totally empty, safe place.  The belly has no thoughts.  It is only soft and soothing.

Place your attention upon your skin, any part of your skin.  How does your skin feel where it touches your clothing?  How does it feel where it is open to the air?
Feel your flesh, the muscles, the bones.  Observe one arm or one leg . . . or go for a whole sense of the body . . .   Be with the body in the present moment, where it always stays.

Can you feel your heartbeat? Can you feel, sense, or imagine your blood stream flowing? Do you feel places of warmth or coolness?  Do you feel any lightness? Perhaps tingling?  Or some places simply softer than others?
If there is a tight space, send more oxygen . . . more energy and light to that space.  Allow it to uncurl.
Just stay with your body  – and enjoy whatever you feel.

During or after meditation, if you feel a bit dazed, flakey, or tranced, that’s fine.  It shows you released the mind, to some degree.  Just ground yourself:  feel your feet on the ground and your seat in the seat.  Take it slow and steady as you resume your day.

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