Glide 2: Concentration – Easy Meditation

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Mandala design

Howzit going?  I hope you enjoyed Glide 1 this past week, or whenever.   Moving onward:
Concentration is a skill to cultivate before we can reach true meditation. This week we will strengthen our concentration. We will choose a focal point and allow our eyes to gaze upon it.

Our focal point could be the flame of a candle, a symbol, any object, a picture, or a mandala design. So first decide on what you will use as your focal point.  It will help to have a space cleared for this purpose.

We will stay focused, attentive and relaxed. The mind will wander, as ever, but our eyes will help us stay on our focal point.  We may then close the eyes and see the same image in our mind’s eye.

“Seeing” is one of several sensations that keep us absorbed in our everyday world.   As we practice seeing, we not only build concentration, we also build awareness of sight as a sensation.
If sight is only one sensation, then perhaps I no longer assume that my sight tells me the whole of Reality.

Our goal with meditation is to experience our Inner Observer, who is all about awareness, not about sensation.  More on that later.
For now, let’s explore concentration and sight.

Gyaana Mudra for concentration

Gyaana Mudra for concentration

Here is a mudra that helps with concentration. A mudra is a hand position to enhance the flow of energy by activating the meridians (which are used in acupuncture).

You may have seen this hand position in cartoons or movies, but it does improve concentration, memory, and calmness. Place the tip of the thumb against the tip of the forefinger and allow the other three fingers to extend. Rest your hands on your thighs with the palms up. Feel free to try this or not, as you like.  It has been helpful to me and to many.

Is your focal point (candle, image) ready?  Okay, here we go.  Seat yourself comfortably. Shrug your shoulders and relax.  Let go of everything for right now.  Breathe into your belly.
With relaxed eyes, gaze upon your focal point. Do not to tell any story about it. If you 
float away on a tangent, gently return.  
Your focal point is holding you.  Nothing really matters except keeping your gaze upon it. You are taking it in.  Become one with the focus of your attention.
You may observe your belly breath at the same time. It is fine to let your vision blur a little. It is fine to close your eyes and keep your focal point in your mind’s eye. But just fill your eyes with the object of your attention.  Simply take it in. Open your heart to it and put the dimmer switch on your brain.  
You are in reverie, watching it.  . . .  And now call this seeing. 
Seeing is a sensation.
Seeing is one way in which we form our world.

We have an Observer within us Who is always in touch with Something Deeper, beyond sensation.  This Observer does not speak in words or thoughts.  This Observer simply watches and knows.

Stay with your focal point and pour your awareness into seeing.



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