Drugs are Outrageous

I recently met someone whose predicament tore my heart.  This person, let’s call them Z, was extremely ill, multiple problems, with a messy bloodstream that was both clotting and bleeding.  A bloodstream filled with tiny clots of inflammation. (Where have we heard something like this before?)

Z’s first departure from health years ago was a common autoimmune disease. (Sound familiar?) Gradually the body went from bad to worse, into deeper and deeper ailments. Now Z’s blood was disintegrating.  The kidneys, hit with damaging blood clots, needed dialysis.

Z was still drinking soda pop at every meal and in between, beginning with breakfast. (Can you say acidity?)  Z’s doctors were about to save Z’s life by putting Z on a brand-new IV drug that netted its company a 264% profit increase this past quarter (July 2013).  This new drug is one you have to stay on the rest of your life.  Otherwise those little clots of inflammation in your bloodstream are going to kill you. The annual cost for each recipient of this drug is estimated to be $450,000 per year, $16,000 for each dose. For the rest of their life.

You know where I’m going. Conventional Medicine has not brought relief to autoimmune diseases.  Alternative Medicine has treated the digestive system, and by doing so, has healed autoimmune diseases and cleared up clots of inflammation in the bloodstream, partly through an alkaline plant based diet.acidic vs alkaline blood

Have you seen the movie Forks Over Knives which proves how much we all need more plants in our diet? It shows clearly the rates of global disease based on diet.  The USA has one of the highest disease rates.
For the people who adopted a plant-based diet in this documentary, drugs became superfluous. They were able to heal their bodies and get off their medications for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more.
Some of these folks were at death’s door before they shifted to eating plants. One woman’s cancer had metastasized to her bones, which is virtually a death sentence.  These people changed their diet, which changed their life.  They thrived despite the dire predictions given to them by conventional medicine.

The price of drugs is not as bad as the physical toll they take. The TV commercial listing a drug’s miserable side effects has become a cultural joke. And yet we cling to the belief that such a drug is fine, it will fix me.
As people age they tend to pick up more and more drugs. Some drugs are added to counteract the side effects of the first drugs. Other drugs must be made stronger and stronger to relieve symptoms. We medical people chase our tails on this one.

forkful of veggies

But if a person would shift to a plant-based diet, there’s a very good chance their health would improve week by week over the course of a few months. (Especially with the help of a holistic or naturopathic or integrative practitioner.  Use good sense and do not stop your medications without the help of a physician.)

Did you know that when a pharmaceutical company “proves” the efficacy of a drug, they must show that it helps at least 37% of the people tested?  Then it gets approval.
In most studies, the placebo helps 35% of the people. (Your faith will set you free, wherever you choose to place it. Faith heals. I am not knocking placebos at all.)

Hopefully most of the drugs on the market help more than 37% of the people. I’m sure many of them do. I know conventional medicine has its place. It saves lives. Only it breaks my heart when I see what conventional medicine has done to some people who might be better served by looking at how they themselves do or do not nurture their body.

But I love my cheeseburgers, milkshakes, french fries! Just give me a pill to get me through a little longer.  I can’t give up my cheese!  We do get SO attached to the foods we love.  So, yes doctor, take your cut and sign me up for the next drug that’s helping some of us, making some of us sicker, and hitting all of us in the in the wallet.  I’ll just keep turning a blind eye toward the poisonous foods I’m eating.

emperors-new-clothes covered w dollar

When will we see that the pharmaceutical emperor has no clothes, and will topple, hopefully soon?

Great minds throughout history from Hippocrates to Edison always vote for diet, not drugs.

Can we listen when our own body tells us which foods feel good after digesting them and which do not?

Addendum:  A conventional hematologist physician may have a different picture of Z’s problem.  Yet I am looking at the first indication of dis-ease, and the probable progression of it.  Alternative physicians agree with the way I have presented this case.  Someday when all branches of healthcare are talking to each other, life will be more true and easy.


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