Carpal Tunnel Relief

Pain, numbness, tingling in the fingers or hands? You’ve heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, which can be caused by using a computer mouse for years, or by any repetitive wrist motion.  Imagine your carpal tunnel as a ligament tube, housing the main nerve that goes through the wrist to the fingers.  If this tunnel has tightened for any reason, it can cause the trouble.

There are many treatments you can try without resorting to surgery.
Acupuncture, chiropractic, and yoga have been helpful to many people.

Supplements proven to diminish carpal tunnel pain are:
Vitamin B-6, 50 mg 2 to 3 times a day. It may take six weeks to start working.
A study in England demonstrated that Arnica tablets and ointment reduced pain in two weeks.  Other studies found that digestive enzymes such as Wobenzym and bromelain (found in pineapple) reduces the tightness of the tissue.

Carpal tunnel stretch

Carpal tunnel stretch

Here is a carpal tunnel stretch that can bring steady and permanent relief, if you make it a daily practice. As the photo shows, stand in front of a flat surface where you can place your hands. Turn your hands so that your thumbs point outward and your pinky fingers are near each other. As you look down upon your own hands, they will be in the position shown below.  Spread your fingers wide and equally.View of hand placement in carpal stretch

If your wrists and carpal tunnel are very tight, they might not be able to manage a 90° stretch as shown in the first photo. In that case, if you are having pain, lean forward over the table so the stretch will not be so extreme.  Do your best to have your hands flat on the table, fingers spread open.

Go gently and do not push yourself.  As in yoga, you want to feel a stretch but no pain. Take care.  This will work, over time, and bring great relief.

As you stretch, five minutes twice a day, the tightness will gradually release. Eventually your wrists will be able to bend at the 90° angle.  If you want to open further, you can rotate your hands inward, turning your pinky fingers toward each other more.

Many thanks to Valerie Revering LMT CST for suggesting this stretch to me.  See her video on YouTube.  Gratitude also to Cindy Holliday who brings this stretch to her Yoga classes in Fountain Hills.


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