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Last month I gushed about the joy of green smoothies, ending with ingredients for a green juice fast.  Which can be strenuous, I said softly.
Okay, okay, it can be tough, but soooo worth it, as you release decades of toxins.  (Don’t believe in toxins?  I’m not here to debate  – but see my posts of 2012.)  

Perhaps you already know the benefits of detoxification and are eager to reduce aches and pains, arthritis symptoms, indigestion, gas, bowel problems, weight problems, skin troubles, diminish the diseases of aging, sleep better, increase energy, and more!

When we eat high-quality food like green smoothies, our broccoli big smilebody naturally builds better tissues and releases old toxins.  Our body repairs our internal organs.  Meanwhile we may feel weak and toxic, so go gently with rest, hydration, and some exercise.
The body is re-patterning to greater health, even though you might feel not-so-good at times.  For instance, a person may get headaches when they give up coffee or chocolate.  So be patient and remind yourself the detox is working 😉

Various possible symptoms during detox may include fatigue, sluggishness, irritability, body aches, frequent urination, slow or fast bowel eliminations, nausea, skin issues or rashes, colds, mucus, fever, etc.  (. . . not a pharmaceutical commercial)
Please do not plan on having all these symptoms; many of us feel only a bit tired and foggy during our detox.  The happy news is, the more toxins you clear out, the fewer symptoms you will have in the future.   Your body will feel better and better.

What’s more, I’m about to list supplements to enhance your comfort and make your detox much easier!
The Green Juice Fast is the first step to resolving food allergies, followed by
2)  re-introducing foods to test for allergic symptoms (and abstaining from such foods)
3)  healing the weak intestines – using probiotics, glutamine, yucca juice and such.

During a fast/cleanse/detox some authors suggest a slew of supplements (20 to 50) to support the body through this strenuous time.  In my experience most people are reluctant to take so many (but if interested, look at books by Gabriel Cousens, Elson Haas, and others.  If you have major life-threatening illnesses, you’ll want to consult one of these progressive doctors before trying a fast.  On the other end of the spectrum, many healthy people have done a juice fast/detox without any supplements at all – myself included.)

Going out on a limb here, I have simplified the long list of supplements down to what I personally consider to be the most essential, effective, and comforting.  My choices are based on the bodily experience of myself and others.  You do not have to take all of these, but all of them help with healing and wellbeing.  Use your own best judgment.

If you are planning a juice fast, I recommend the suggestions below.  Incorporate the first section before going on to the Juice Fast Week section.

yangshuo-fields-byDianeFirst:    Eat whole foods that are free of pesticides.
Drink watercure for cellular hydration and healing.
Eliminate well – make sure you produce 1 to 3 BMs every day.
Use food combining and increase intake of alkaline foods (plants).
Explore acid reducers such as calcium citrate (a buffer) and bentonite clay (draws out toxins).
Probiotics 100 to 300 billion twice a day (less, if loose stools) restores flora lactobacillus, etc
Digestive Enzymes 1 to 2 caps or chewables after each meal
Magnesium  150 to 300 mg  three times a day(less, if loose stools; Mag reduces symptoms)
Yucca juice extract, begin with 1/4 tsp twice a day in 8 oz or more water or juice.  Increase slowly to 1/2 – 3/4 tsp twice a day, diluted. (Yucca heals digestive tract membranes!  Find yucca:  -most reasonable place.  No, I don’t get a kick-back.)

A week before fast/cleanse/detox :
Stop sugar, caffeine (even in sodas/teas), alcohol, artificial flavors/colors, processed foods.  If you are ambitious, stop wheat too.  After all, you are nearly ready to drop all foods except your glorious green juice . . .

Juice Fast Week:
While drinking your green juice, continue on the above supplements, and add these:
L-glutamine 250 – 500 mg twice a day
Fish Oil or some Omega 3 source (flaxseed oil) 1 -2 caps or TBsp twice a day
B-complex tablets twice a daysmile-pills
Vitamin C  1000mg twice a day
Vit A  5000 IU a day (Or a good multivitamin in place of A, E, Zinc)
Vit E  400 IU per day
Zinc   30 – 60 mg per day

Selenium 100 mcg twice a day
Milk Thistle 100-200 mg twice a day –  to support liver
Dandelion root – tablet or tea, once or twice a day – to support liver
MSM  500-1000 mg twice a day after meals (reduces reaction symptoms)
Coenzyme Q10   15- 30 mg twice a day (reduces reaction symptoms)

B-12 tablets dissolved under the tongue will boost energy when you are fasting.
Chlorophyll liquid or caps will boost energy too.
1/4 to 1/2 cup liquid Bentonite soaks up and carries away toxins, reduces symptoms – take it at a time apart from other supplements.  May take twice a day (may constipate).

Exercise will move your lymph and clear out toxins.  Even if you feel sluggish, go for a walk, a bike ride, tennis, yoga, something.  Deep knee bends move the lymph well.  You can also do lymph massage on yourself – search YouTube.
Keep drinking lots of water and as many green smoothies as you wish.  You can intersperse the green drinks with a “Master Cleanse” drink of 8 oz water, 2 TBsp lemon juice, 1 TBsp pure maple syrup, and a pinch of cayenne.

Try this juice fast for 4 to 7 days.  Feel free to stop when you want.  If you hang in there you may be surprised at how good you feel after day 4 or so.  Someday you may want to try it again.  It’s a process.  Treat yourself well.

white peacock blue lupines

Always follow your own guidance and see what resonates for you.  If the Juice Fast is too challenging, take a slower road:  try the Elimination Diets mentioned in Subtle Food Allergies.  Be persistent.  Be wise.  By avoiding unhealthy reactive foods and boosting your intake of plants, you will gradually shift your body into great health.  If you choose this gentle route of a more plant-based diet, I would still recommend that you heal the weak intestines with probiotics, glutamine, and yucca juice extract.  Enjoy the journey.

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