Get Blissed with Meditation

Leave your mind behind.   Head-chatter is a source of stress.  Notice how the mind extrapolates, worries, veers off on disturbing tangents, blows things out of proportion.  We scare ourselves.  In many ways, the mind is not our friend.

Step aside from the mind and go to the belly.
Let your belly expand with each in-breath.  Enjoy the delicious air.  Watch the belly breathe.  Feel the natural contentment underneath this moment.  You will find it, if you stay here a bit.melting breath

The focus of our attention feeds whatever it rests upon.
When we focus on our thoughts, they take us on tangent-rides all over the place.
When we focus on the flow of the breath and the soft belly, breath and softness will expand.

It takes only one minute a day to begin a meditation practice.  There is no need to demand more from yourself, but take that minute each day.  First thing in the morning works well.  You may want to do a minute again at bedtime, because it is so relaxing.

The benefits of meditation are huge, life-changing.
I work in Intensive Care, where I used to be super-stressed.  I would squeeze my shoulders up to my ears, shielding myself from stray bullets, so to speak.
In 2003 I began my daily one-minute practice.  Soon it felt so good, by the time I peeked at the clock, five yummy minutes had passed, in place of my “one minute.”  Even better, I tasted a drop of Real Peace each morning.

Big deal?  It was a big deal, because at my hospital job in ICU, when things hit the fan, the innermost part of me knew, for certain:  underlying all this craziness was a rock-solid Peace.  Full Support.  Full Safety.  So I could function better as a nurse.

Full Peace.  Always available.  In every moment, if we care to listen.  Here I go waxing spiritual on you, okay.  But when you find Calm, the life-enhancement is profound.

stars yoga benchMeditation students have told me that within the first week of  daily one-minute meditation, they already begin to feel calmer, happier.  Some are sleeping better.
For simple ways to meditate see my blog post What Is Meditation?

It is far more important to build your daily one-minute habit than to push yourself into longer meditations.  One minute is easy-shmeezy.  But do it EVERY day.
Make this your happiness habit.
Once you feel the comfort, your meditation will naturally draw you into staying  longer.  Taste the Bliss.  And taste it again . . .

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