“Protection” from Bad Vibes

Ever walk into a place or a person who seems to have “bad” energy, and then it “sticks” to you?  Some of us are quite sensitive to the energies around us.  Even if we are not so sensitive, we may feel impacted by the intensity of others’ emotions or the vibrations of a place (such as a hospital, nursing home, jail, or even a store we don’t like).
Perhaps you’re offering solace to someone in deep pain or trouble.  Afterward  they feel better, but you feel heavy or pained, as if you got whacked with “their stuff.”
The idea is:  “bad energy” transfers to us, so let’s “protect” ourselves.  On one level this might make sense.  (For energy methods to repel and dispel “bad energies,” scroll below.)
On another level, if a benevolent God/Source infuses absolutely everything, then “Protection” may be a mind-game we play.

How does this bad-feeling energy “transfer,” anyway?
As mentioned in Feel Better: use your vibes, we have a vibrational emotional scale.  The scale is like a ladder of all emotions.  Emotions that feel happy are high-vibration, high-frequency.  Emotions that feel worse are low-vibration, low-frequency.

Emotions are frequencies that constantly flow through us and around us.
We can feel them and allow them to flow through, the way toddlers do.
We can hang onto them, enlarge them, block them, the way most adults do.

For instance, as we adults give our attention to something sad, we automatically gather more ‘proof’ of sadness in our lives — more sad stories of the past, because we’ve had so many of them.  Our stories reinforce and enlarge that sadness.   Most of the time we don’t even know we’re doing this.  We have subtle memories in our mind and body (cellular memories) that contain hurts of the past.  We have not yet forgiven or released them.  We’re barely aware of them.  This is why we feel worse for no apparent reason other than we just bumped into a person or a place with “bad energy.”

As humans we have the capacity to feel the whole gamut of emotions, the darkest ones as well as the lightest.  If we don’t feel them, we’ve blocked some, and that’s a problem.  When we restrain any emotion, we accumulate more of that frequency.  As we deny it, we block it inside.  (What we resist, persists – as the saying goes.)

Toddlers handle emotions naturally.  They tremble with fear, spit with envy, and practically float to the ceiling in joy.  Their emotions arise and pour forth just like energy, because emotions are energy. 
A toy is taken away; the toddler cries.  Give her an ice cream cone, she smiles.  She is fully present to what’s happening this moment.  She doesn’t connect the loss of the toy to all her sufferings of past decades.  She doesn’t have past decades.  That’s a good thing for her, and for those of us inspired by her.

Here’s a blocked emotion.  A few years ago, I sat peacefully in a waiting room, absorbed in my book, (not fully present).  Suddenly a man walked in and exploded at the receptionist.  He was a large man spewing thunderous anger, electrifying the entire room.  Everyone was shaken by him.
I tried to shrug off the incident, yet I felt an underlying irritation.  Ignored it.  As my day progressed, I became slightly angry about various things.  But I remained somewhat oblivious to my internal climate.

Let me mention that my Perfectionist personality represses anger.  This is my biggest blind spot, as it is for all Perfectionists (in the Enneagram system).  I pretend I don’t have any anger, even though my daily instinctive reaction often is some form of anger.  In repressing my anger, I bottle up and hold lots of it – whether it’s in my energy body or in the cells and muscles of my physical body.  As I repress it, anger tightens my muscles and makes knots.  This doesn’t serve me, but there it is.  I can smile easily; the tension is hidden even to myself.

The day after the angry-man, to my utter surprise, in the face of a tiny issue, I exploded with anger and confusion.  I trembled with the force of it.  My reaction was so overblown, I felt like the angry-man’s rage had attached itself to me.  Energy is energy, anger is energy, and yes, in a way, it may seem to latch onto a new dwelling place.
This rage easily latched onto me because it resonated with and belonged with all the old anger trapped in my body.  Anger I had not acknowledged.  This incident brought my anger to the surface.  Surprise, surprise – but it had been there all along.  It did not come from the angry-man but from me myself.

What if I could allow every vibration to exist in me and flow through me?  Not to resist or fight or run away from it.  Just feel it.
Feel it fully:  fully scared, shocked, dismayed, mad, bored, hopeful, gleeful.  Let it be as it is. It doesn’t mean we have to take action:  fight, flee, or freeze.  We’re just noticing our feelings.  Let emotions rise and fall as energies.  Allow all of them.  Flow.

This is a lifelong process, to become so self-aware that we are able to:
– feel our feelings, embrace even the negative feelings; we are absolutely human.
– allow emotion-energy to pass through us without holding it as an indignant story.
– forgive, bless, and release old stuck emotional stories and cellular memories.
– develop our Inner Observer to Witness all of the above (daily meditation).
– be grounded, centered, and Present Now, with boundaries intact, most of the time.

Then again, it takes practice to develop these inner skills.
In the meantime we can release “negative energies” by methods such as:

Before approaching a difficult situation:
Zip-up: use your hand to zip from root chakra to the top of your face.
Ground yourself and feel the strong envelope of your aura (boundary)
Say silently or aloud:  I am an Eternal Being of Light and Love.
Send a quick prayer – or a long prayer 😉 asking for support.
Wear or carry a gemstone to calm your vibration (amethyst, blue lace agate, blue aragonite, charoite, citrine, fluorite, mookaite jasper, rose quartz, snowflake obsidian).

While running energy on a disturbed person:
Offer energy from your elevated hands without “sinking into” the person.
Visualize gold bracelets around your wrists, each with a golden cord going down into the earth – all negativity is caught and sent downward.
Keep seeing yourself filled with Light, well-grounded, with Divine energy flowing fast vertically through your core, so no other energies stick to you.
If your recipient is extremely disturbed, consider that this may be a time that they simply have to go through their suffering without your aid.  Or send distance healing.  Allow them their own path.  Remember all is in right order, all is divinely guided, all is for the good — eventually.

After any event, if you feel you got whacked with negative energies:
Run gold energy up through your core vertically and release.
Say aloud, “Anything that is not (my name) must leave now.”
Meditate using a mantra or prayer, aloud, (15 min or so); release.
Burn sage (smudge):  the smoke cleanses you and your surroundings.
Take a hot bath with 2 cups Epsom salts and a few lavender/sage essential oil drops.
Raise your vibration through self-nurturing and fun (use your vibes).
Use EFT tapping to release and balance your emotions. (eftuniverse.com)
Give yourself a re-balancing energy session, or ask a friend to do this for you.

As we all know, suffering can be horrendous, the deeper we go into it.  Our attention to the suffering will intensify it.  Energy follows attention.  I am not trying to dismiss the anguish of extreme pain, hormonal/chemical imbalance, suicidal depression, or any other affliction.

But the fact remains, this is not a universe of assertion:  things do not impose themselves upon us.  Everything is an “inside job,” arising from our thoughts, beliefs, emotions.
Scientists and Sages agree that we project our world.  All of it is projection.  Our inner climate determines our outer climate.

This is a universe of inclusion:  it includes every vibration.  As humans we each contain every frequency, from the ‘worst’ to the ‘best.’  When we truly accept all, none will bother us.  We relax our resistance.  Frequencies arise and pass through us.  We let them flow.
We surrender into full allowing – which is Love.  Broad Unconditional Love.

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Feel better, get balanced.  Diane does hands on healing for your biofield and gives you practical ways to enhance your energy system. Make an appointment here for personal sessions by phone or video chat, Distance Biofield Tuning by phone or in-person, Chakra Balancing, and health coaching.   

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17 Responses to “Protection” from Bad Vibes

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  2. Hi All
    This post has received extra traffic lately, and I want to offer more suggestions that will help.
    I think the best thing you can do for yourself is to get into the habit of:

    1 – a short meditation each morning (to strengthen your inner peace – see my “Glide” posts)
    2 – all day long, reach for a good-feeling thought (like, if somebody upsets you, do your best to find something else to focus upon, something pleasant in your day, even if it’s the mere fact that your chair is comfortable, or you see something beautiful).

    Our best bet is always to nurture our OWN energy, find our OWN lightness/happiness, and let others take whatever path they will.
    If we can really “let bygones be bygones” then their energy won’t impact us.

    Realize that they are in their own boat, and you are in your own boat.

    You get to steer your own path and focus upon the good stuff in your life, whatever it may be. There is much to be grateful for. The more we count our own blessings, the better we feel.


  3. As you put it there seems no reason to avoid bad vibes.
    In my opinion it is wise to avoid violent movies, hatesites, certain people etc.
    Our natural state “is” peace and harmony.


  4. Dakota Lewis says:

    Hi, I live with roomates, and if one of them is even a little tense (even if it isn’t verbally expressed by them or has anything to do with me), I can feel it amplified times 100. Feel it isn’t the best way to describe it. I can breathe it in and it’s almost suffocating. I usually have to leave the house. At work, some people walk in and it’s as if they literally suck all the energy out of me before they speak or anything. I don’t know what to do about it. I usually just try to avoid those people but that led to me being a hermit and I can’t do that forever. What other advice do you have to offer? I’m tired of being so impacted.


    • Hi Dakota –
      My best suggestions for you are to engage in daily meditation (even for 5 min), daily grounding to feel yourself well-rooted and your aura boundary strong; and anytime you feel tension, send it out from the palms of your hands into the earth. You can do this, sending it out your hands, for any strong emotion – even if it’s coming from other people. Search my blog for the posts about meditation and Grounding. Also see above, in this post, lots of methods you can use.
      You might also consider getting a session of treatment on your energy body, from a good practitioner with a good track record.


  5. vickioart says:

    “Perfectionists repress anger.” That is so me. Whew – I’ve got some big work to do. Thank you for shining some light on my blind spot!


    • You’re welcome, Vicki – – and we perfectionists need to see anger as okay. Like, anger is telling me something I need to know/feel. We can befriend it. Just more e-motion, energy in motion 😉


  6. Roseanne says:

    Awesome article!! I fully understand the process of just being and it’s not always easy but that’s the story of life. Thanks for sending out good vibes and healing affirmations.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Elsa says:

    What does it mean when I can’t retain nothing in life, talking about material things. We not even going to talk about personal. I don’t have my own home, my car, a good job. I mean I can’t retain it. I loose everything once I have it. It doesn’t last long.


    • Hi Elsa – I would say, as a first step, you need to shift your vibration into gratitude for what you DO have. Whatever IS good in your life, “count your blessings” morning and evening each day. Keep repeating to yourself what you LIKE about your life. This helps to shift your vibration and will draw more benefits, more material support, to you.
      Another thing to look at is the energy of your first chakra, which is about material support, survival, prosperity, abundance.

      If you go to my blog and put in the search box “first chakra,” you’ll find ideas to help this. Also search for articles on “gratitude” and “focus wheel” – which is another way to help you shift.
      Keep me posted on your progress with this!
      All the best to you-


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