Drinking Acid? Check the pH of your Favorite Beverage

What’s your favorite acid beverage?  Coffee?  Coke or Pepsi?  Water?
Whoa – water ???

watercureMy dear co-workers:  remember all those times I hassled you about your acidic Cokes and how they destroy the body?  I sheepishly apologize!  I just found out, some bottled water is just as acidic as soda pop.  Whassup with that?

I went looking for more info online. (And you’ll remember from school, anything below a pH of 7 is acidic; anything above 7 is alkaline).  Thanks to my friend Sharon, here’s what I found on the web so far:

AquaFina Aliva water has a pH of 2.94 which is more acidic than Sprite (3.4), Mountain Dew (3.2), 7UP (3.2), Diet Pepsi (3.0), and Diet Dr. Pepper (3.1).

Regular AquaFina has a pH of 3.48 which is more acidic than Mug Root Beer (4.038) and Diet 7UP (3.7).

Dasani  water is not much better at 4.1.  Sparkling waters like Perrier are 4.o.
Reverse Osmosis water is 4.5 or so.  (Yikes – many of us drink R.O. – Bad Idea!!) (2023 update – recent R.O. machines bring the pH to 6, but R.O. also depletes your minerals and makes you sicker in the long run.)
Some bottled Spring waters are around 5, but others are 7 or above.

Most sugared soda pop – all the popular stuff (your Coke) – ranges from 2.3 to 2.9.
(My Diet Coke friends are a “healthier” 3.289.)

Coffee varies from about 4.5 to 6.

Most bottled waters do range from 7 to 8, which is dandy.
But if you’re drinking R.O. or any of the above acidic waters, you may want to reconsider.

Tap water measured by various websites ranges from  7.0  – 7.8.watercure

Here’s the thing:  generally speaking, water is created to be neutral on the pH scale (7.0).  But the actual pH of tap water varies from one community to another, and from one region of the country to another.  In fact, my town’s tap water pH can vary from month to month – – it’s been as high as 8 recently – briefly.

Yesterday I used my litmus paper for a semi-scientific check-up.  My home tap water, both filtered and unfiltered, tested at 6.8.  With an appropriate amount of  Celtic Salt added (1/4 tsp per liter) it came up to 7.0.
So the Watercure is only a bit alkalinizing.  But remember the point of the Watercure is water plus the multitude of trace minerals and good sodium which our cells really need.  (See my Watercure posts.)

Some people are enthusiastic about super-alkaline water, made by water ionizer machines.  They may set the pH at 8, 9, 10, 11.  Perhaps they feel, if alkaline is good, more is better.
I’m not sure I can support the idea of super-alkaline water, even though I know some people have been helped immensely by it, with great relief of disease.  Some of my best friends swear by alkaline water.  I suggest you scope it out and do what seems good to you.
Personally I continue to drink filtered tap water, embellished with Celtic Sea Salt.

There’s a part of me that says, we make much ado about water.  Our fear of the wrong water can impact us much more than the actual water would do.
(Here’s where I apologize again, dear friends, for pushing my fear on your beverage choice.  Live and be happy.)

Water is the great balancer for us.  It buffers all our internal chemical reactions that may get out of balance.  Water is meant to be somewhat neutral in order to support us wherever we need support.
If you agree with Dr. Emoto, water takes on the vibrations we give it.
Being neutral may be its very strength in the way it serves us.  I do not know for sure.

My own choice is to continue drinking neutral water, as we have for eons, and to release other sources of acidity.  Stressful emotions increase the acid in our body (see biologist Bruce Lipton’s work).  So I like to meditate and get happy.

Consider these acid-forming foods and emotions:  sugar, processed foods, fast foods, meats, grains, carbs, chips, soda pop,  stress, fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger, hate, tension…

Here are alkaline-forming foods and emotions:  most fruits, vegetables, love, joy, gratitude, happiness, relaxation, peace, acceptance…

The latter list is tons more fun in the long run.
So I send love and appreciation to my glass of tap water and drink it down.
(You might do the same with your Coke 😉

All the Best to you –

FYI the above facts and figures on beverage pH came from these sites:



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6 Responses to Drinking Acid? Check the pH of your Favorite Beverage

  1. I’ve been reading a lot about the water cure. Month one of my detox was all about getting hydrated. I never knew about the acidity before though. My big problem with tap water is the chlorine and fluoride. I get wicked heart burn from it if I’m not eating at the same time. I think I’ll stick with spring…but I should go buy some litmus and see where I am on the scale. Thanks!


  2. Good for you on your detox, Jennifer, and good to hear from you. A water filter removes chlorine and fluoride. You can even get a “Brita” pitcher which filters the water as it goes in, then it pours out filtered water. (easier than installing a filter on your faucet)
    But enjoy your Spring water. Litmus paper is easy to find at health food stores, if you want to check that out. Have fun!


    • D says:

      We use a Brita water filter. Using ph paper we tested it and the pH was about 5.5. It turns out our tap water is ph 6. So, for some reason, after using the Brita, our water is more acidic.


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