Lose Toxins, Lose Fat, Relieve Pain

As mentioned in the previous post, “We’re not fat; we’re Toxic,”  here is a plan to detoxify, feel better, lose weight.  This same plan will help autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia, IBS, and more.  As you lose toxins and reduce acidity, you’ll find freedom from the pain of these ailments.

1.   Food combining –  Fruit, veggies, grains, meats, each require different enzymes and different amounts of time to digest.  When we throw them all in together, we don’t digest well, and our food becomes more toxic to us, more acidic, making us retain more water.  However if we eat fruit by itself, and do not combine meats with carbs (grains or beans), then digestion becomes more efficient and non-toxic.  This means eating either a vegetarian meal, or a meat-with-veggies-only (no carbs) meal.  As a result we simply feel better, without heartburn, not bloated, not gassy, not fatigued, not sluggish, but energetic and comfortable.  Not only that, but many people actually lose weight by following this recommendation alone.  (But for great health you’ll want to pursue the rest of these steps, below.)  For the details on how to food-combine, see my post:  Food Combining Feels Great.

2.   Find subtle food allergies
Subtle allergies go unnoticed, because they have a delayed reaction of up to 3 days, so you don’t connect the symptom to the food.  These are slow-reacting IgG allergies.  The cause of subtle allergies is intestinal permeability (leaky gut, also known as celiac – which actually affects up to 70% of our population, unbeknownst to them).  This is the reason so many of us have gluten sensitivity.
The most widespread allergens are wheat, corn, peanuts, eggs, soy, all dairy products, and sugar.  But it’s common to have several allergens unique to you.

  • You may try an Elimination Diet to pinpoint your allergies yourself (see post on Subtle Allergies).
  • You may find your allergies through Applied Kinesiology muscle-testing by a practitioner.
  • You may go for lab tests ($500 out-of-pocket) to determine your IgG subtle allergies.

Of course when you know your allergies, you’ll want to stay away from those foods, and use a rotation diet so you don’t form new allergies.  (i.e., not eating any item within 3 days of the last time you ate it.)  Handling allergies is a large topic and is addressed more completely in my post on Subtle Allergies.
Resolving food allergies is crucial to reducing your toxins, gaining good health and losing weight.

3.   Increase alkaline foods to 80% of diet.  The simplest way to do this is to fill most of your plate with veggies or salads.  Work up to it gradually.  Start with a third or a half plate of veggies, and keep increasing.  If any gives you discomfort, avoid it.  You can find more info about alkaline foods all over the web.  They are mostly plants – fruits and vegetables.  Raw almonds and goat milk are alkaline.  Celtic salt water (watercure) is alkalinizing.  Some people drink alkaline water.  (If you drink only bottled water, check to see how acidic it is here.  Filtered tap water is still a good safe drink.)

4.   Rebalance intestinal flora and heal the intestinal membranes.
This needs to be done so the food-to-blood transfer will be safe and healthy, no longer causing food allergies.  All of the below will help:

Probiotics – acidophilus, lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, etc.  These come in various brand names.  Most of us can use high doses to help correct our flora (like 500 billion a day – but if loose stools, then lower your dose).

Vitamins, Supplements will help heal the intestine:  Vitamin D3, Selenium, Zinc, Fish oil, fiber, digestive enzymes, L-glutamine, magnesium, mucilaginous herbs (aloe vera, slippery elm, marshmellow root, licorice root, flaxseed, chia seeds), anti-inflammatory herbs (curcumin, bromelain, ginger, boswellia, tumeric).
(Bowel Strength is a blend of herbs that may be too strong for some people, but works for many.  See Donna Pessin’s site for this.)

Yucca juice extract is extremely healing to the entire digestive tract.  Take it twice a day, very diluted (1/2 to 1 tsp yucca per liter of fluid).  Add it to fruit juice or your favorite drink (it hides well in grape juice).  The good news on yucca juice has just started to emerge.  Many people are using it to heal their intestines as well as arthritis and other ailments. (This is because autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis arise from a weak-walled intestine – leaky gut, celiac.)   
In 2010 there was only one online source for Yucca juice extract:  a humble company, not touting or pushing the product.  They are still a good source:   tandjenterprises.com and they include written information on how to dose yourself.
So many people are finding relief with yucca that multiple companies have jumped on the bandwagon and are now offering other brands.  Buy the pure bitter liquid – not powder, not capsules.  Liquid will reach all the areas that need healing.  Always dilute it. See also Powerful Cure Yucca Juice? Worth it! 

5.   Fasting and other detoxification methods – Juice Fasting not only rests the digestive system but allows the body to unburden itself of acids and toxins.
Paul Bragg wrote about fasting and cleansing the body by consuming tons of vegetables.  (His books were first published in the 1960’s and 70’s.  I like many of his ideas.  I disagree with his distilled-water fast.)

Dr. Elson Haas MD has a great informative website elsonhaas.com and books describing in detail how to detox and fast reasonably. In The False Fat Diet he shows how to do juice fasts and Elimination Diets.

Gabriel Cousens MD has written several books in recent years about detoxification, a high-vegetable diet, and green juice fasting as a way to resolve many degenerative diseases including diabetes.  Dr Cousens runs the Tree of Life Center in Southern Arizona, where you can go for a week’s treatment or more (and normalize your blood sugar entirely).

Drinking a lot of WATER is vital to cleanse the body, always.  See Watercure.

As you explore you will find many recommended cleanses for the body.  Go with what sounds good to you.  Cleansing the  liver and gall bladder is important.  The liver detoxifies everything we ingest.  With the steady buildup of toxins in the body, the liver gets bogged down and may accumulate toxins in itself.  Ultra Clear is a powdered drink that, when combined with a careful diet, cleans the liver well (Ultra Clear is made by Metagenics Co.)
Take a look at this tried-and-true liver-gallbladder cleanse that benefits many people around the globe.

If you decide to do a Juice Fast, look into the above sources for suggestions and support.  Some recommend particular vitamins or supplements during the fast; others don’t.  You may want to consult a health professional.
On a juice fast, after the first day or so, you may feel bad, as if you have the flu.  Weakness and aches are a sign that your body is releasing toxins.  Bentonite clay, taken as liquid or capsules, will help absorb the toxins and eliminate them better.  Vitamins may help you feel better during the detoxification.
Keep in mind, your body is unique and special.  Choose treatments that resonate with you.  If your fast begins to feel too difficult, by all means, adjust it to your own taste, or stop fasting.  
After the fast, you will feel energetic and more vibrant.

Important:  If you already have diabetes, heart disease, or any chronic health issue, it is best if you consult a Naturopath or Functional Medicine doctor.  This is because your body is already high-toxin, and you need to release toxins more slowly and safely.

Detox is a gradual process anyway, and can be done over several years by adopting a diet very high in organic vegetables.
Explore and use the above ideas.  I wish you all the best.  Enjoy your path to better health!

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